3f84155b395a87422b7c73f724b5c435Peculiar to Korean incalls is the custom of having a kitchen mommie in the house at all times. With American places, the girls commute to work and live away from the premises. But with Koreans…it’s a 24/7 deal. While almost all have apartments (usually in Bayside), they still spend an inordinate amount of time in the “store.” And so, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that American escorts order out (thus littering the inside of the refrigerator with half consumed tins of whatever) when they’re hungry as their Korean counterparts are cooked for and fed by the Kitchen mommie. In fact, there’s hardly ever a moment in time when I enter a Korean place when there isn’t some sort of food sitting on a table for the girls to munch on. Continue Reading

iWhether DERRICK ROSE won or lost the civil case leveled on him by his old girlfriend matters not to anybody whose bank account isn’t affected. The important thing is we now know what kind of guy Derrick is. Frankly, I think he needs a blow up doll. If he’d had one, Derrick wouldn’t have gotten into trouble in the first place.

Personally, I have no doubt that Rose and his boys did what his ex said they did. I don’t care what the jurors decided. I read the transcripts and I get it. But the accuser had some issues which no doubt affected the outcome. For one, she was totally fucked up on alcohol and drugs. Let me give you a hint, sister! Ya might not want to be fall-down high and drunk in the presence of an entitled multi-millionaire athlete and his boys. Nothing good can come of that! That’s not to say that she deserved to be violated – regardless of her poor judgment. But let’s face it. Nobody with an ounce of sense would stumble around a bad neighborhood at 3 AM displaying an expensive gold chain around his neck. You’re just asking for a bad outcome. Continue Reading

article-2341124-1a4bd034000005dc-26_468x572From my time in the music business – and from a girl I knew who actually dated the guy – I was made well aware that BURT BACHARACH was let us say not renowned for his love making. Yet Burt’s girlfriends and ex-wives were some of the most beautiful and accomplished women of their era. ANGIE DICKINSON was one of the sexiest starlets of her time. And CAROL BAYER SAGER boasts not only good looks – but countless hit songs. Had Burt tried to romance an escort, I have no doubt that she would have dismissed him summarily. Yet these beautiful women married Burt! What’s up with that?!?!

The answer isn’t even money (though Burt had a lot of it). It was charm, talent and romance. Regular women go for intangibles. They don’t add dollars and inches and then come up with an obvious answer. And on balance, I think that’s a good thing. Mind you, I don’t mind being objectified (on the rare occasions I have)…but there’s little more disconcerting than having a woman fall in love with you for reasons that elude you – or are just plain meaningless. Personally, I want a girl to recognize what I think is special about me – as opposed to say cherishing Dollar Bill because I can give her a free ad (just for example). Continue Reading

crotch2With some recent context (thank you Donald), I searched my SCREW MAG archives to find an old piece called “GOOSE DOLLAR DAY,” in which I described several times when I’ve had my genitalia assaulted on this job. Surely, the Donald didn’t invent this move.

So I found the aforementioned feature and there’s absolutely no way I’m going to republish it here. Just way too wild. I’ll tell y’all,…working for Screw was fun. You could really play a role and let it all hang out. Conversely, writing for this blog is akin to putting your art on prime time network television. Picture BILL MAHER as he is on HBO…and then how he’d have to be on network prime time and you get the idea. Nobody’s reading “Goose Dollar Day” today! Whatever…the nostalgia does bring to mind this whole genitalia grabbing deal that’s become so newsworthy.  Continue Reading

150708130239-03-illegal-immigration-file-exlarge-169I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t know a lot about immigration policy. My opinions come only from practical knowledge gained empirically over an increasingly long life.  I, like Donald Trump, would be completely unqualified to judge on the subject for the electorate. Yet, I do have my point of view and store of experience. And so let me share.

Mostly, I want to talk about the wall that Donald would build to keep Mexicans out of the US. I like Mexicans. By me, they work hard at jobs no American would even consider. They say please and thank you…and they appear genuinely happy to be here. How many born-Americans can you say that about?  More important, who’s gonna pick your lettuce – or wash your dishes after you dine at some swell joint in the city if you keep Mexicans out of the US? Not Americans. I’ll tell you that! Continue Reading

It’s late and who wants to leave the house or wait for a girl to arrive when video chat with this and many other girls is just a few seconds away? Check it out! And every time you hit the refresh button, you’ll see a different girl. Or click the girl’s pic and the sound comes on.


72490If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times before. Ya know…an American escort who’s gonna write a book…or be a rap star…or somehow prove to the world that she’s actually a creative soul trapped in an undignified profession. But the sad truth is that it just never happens unless one of the girls ends up showing her ass in a rap video…or her attitude in a reality show. But there once actually was a stripper (I know…not an escort but close) who became a big time songwriter with not one…not two…but three #1 pop hits. Her name was PAM SAWYER – and the story goes like this: Continue Reading

cupYesterday, it was pansexuality in the news. And today? Cupping! Real news two days in a row! Go figure!!

Back when I was in the music business, I had a gay male acquaintance who used to describe his self-professed superior oral technique as “cupping the balls and buffing the head.” But that’s not the type of cupping I’m talking about here.

Unlike with pansexuality…which I had to look up, I know all about cupping thanks to my association with Asians from the escort business. In fact, one of my clients brought out the kit and asked me if I wanted a treatment several years back. My reaction was similar to a head mistress offering me a free session with a dominatrix employee. Sorry! Not gonna happen. Continue Reading

rs_634x1024-150830165855-634-vma-miley-cyrus-cm-83015Forget about all the drama with Donald And Hillary. Finally we have some real news. MILEY CYRUS has come out as pansexual! OMG! Hand me the defibrillator! I can’t take no more!

Ok! So what the fuck is a pansexual? It can’t be that you’re attracted to a frying pan?!?! Or a skillet, right? So I looked it up. Or actually, I read about it on Yahoo (I know, I’m a moron) where I discovered that pansexuality isn’t another word for bisexuality. They’re very different – at least if you’re a pansexual. With language parsed beyond comprehension, it’s a little difficult to figure out what the hell all the to do is about. But what I gather is pansexuals can get down with not just men or women – but trannies and all people of whatever gender identity. Anybody getting this? Continue Reading

blogmedia-13769While we wait for The Apprentice tapes of DONALD TRUMP which reports have it are much worse than the Access Hollywood materials (like…he uses the “n” word), let’s get away from all the doom and gloom to check out a little music today.

Country music has come a long way since the days of MERLE HAGGARD declaring “we don’t smoke marijuana in Muscogee” if BRANDY CLARK’S “Get High” is any indication. For those who don’t know (and I suspect that would be almost everybody reading this), Brandy is one of Nashville’s most gifted songwriters, and an artist in her own right. Continue Reading

920x920Orange is the new black for embattled Backpage.com CEO CARL FERRER (see right). And while he’s been accused of some pretty heinous crimes, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you something about the real aspirations which somehow have placed Mr. Ferrer squarely between a rock and a hard place.

When Carl dreamed of competing with the iconic CRAIGSLIST.ORG, the last thing he wanted was to become the country’s #1 escort website. At the time, Craig held that title far and away. But Mr. Newmark was deriving substantial income from help wanted and apartment and real estate listings to the tune of $80 million a year. That figure was what enabled Craig to jettison the problematic adult ads. With just 25 employees and rental for one house as his office, he could live without the $36 million the adult ads were grossing…and the King of All Pimps moniker/albatross which weighed upon him so heavily. Continue Reading

legacy_bannerSaturday night behind the wheel of a New York City cab is an experience which still makes me shudder when I think of it even though it’s been 20 years since I drove one. I mean…the traffic…the danger…the drunks…the fuck-offs. But that special night held two attractions. First was the money, of course. And second, was the possibility of scoring a few extra hours on the cab free-of-lease charge to make a few extra bucks during the dawn hours.

The deal went like this: After the night shift had been dispatched, the boss would post a list of which driver was on which car for the following day shift. And often, he didn’t have enough day drivers to cover all the cabs on Sunday morning. So at some point during the night, I’d stop by the garage to check the list. And if my medallion was blank, I knew I could keep the car until 8 or 9 without anybody hassling me for an extra payment. Continue Reading

_88531728_hi031757035Hey, guys! It’s Columbus Day. Let’s follow the Donald’s lead on a voyage of discovery and go grab a girl “by the pussy.” I know…not funny! Maybe we too can run for president if we emulate hizzboner!

I’m kidding of course but really…this is no joking matter. BOB SHIEFFER said it best after last night’s debacle when he referred to presidential debate #2 as Wrestlemania…and added that the event was akin to something you might see at a banana republic. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ve heard whores conduct a debate on the subject of dick size that was more substantive and civilized than what I heard last night! What an embarrassment! (Or as Bob said…”disgraceful.”) Continue Reading

bn-qe202_1008tr_p_20161008113415Because I was tromping in the woods all day Friday…and then returned home to pass out for the night, I missed the big news about DONALD TRUMP and the manner in which rich guys get women. Ya just grab ’em in the pussy. Geez! Why didn’t I think of that? Hey! I was once a rich guy (thank you, Daily fucking News for letting the world know)! Funny how it never occurred to me to grab a woman by the pussy! Not even one who sells companionship for a living! Continue Reading

carlYa know…I spoke too soon on that fat lady deal. I don’t picture Backpage shuttering voluntarily behind the current legal initiative. And the three principals being behind bars notwithstanding doesn’t mean Dan can’t run the show. Several years ago, my ad rep told me “they’re gonna hang on by their fingernails” in reference to a previous event which jeopardized the very life of the corporation. So you get the idea about their mentality. On to the case.

I’ve read the paperwork associated with the big news. Curiously, it reeks of Carl being in compliance. I’m not sure how a judge (or the judge) will react. I’m no lawyer – and often the law makes no sense to me. But the general tone rings with a clinker or two in the mix. Mind you, I’m not rooting for Carl or Backpage. I know what they did to their supposed “friends.” I’m not losing any sleep over their plight. Whatever…the corporation has deep pockets and can afford to go to trial on this. It wouldn’t surprise me if they did. And so…you could see many more years of Backpage dominating the adult directory scene. I have no doubt that that’s still their plan. Continue Reading

carlferrerheadshot-750xx592-790-0-55For a while there, I thought I’d never live to see the day. Rumors of Backpage’s demise have been floating around for years. But that’s all they were. Just rumors. And then Thursday, it finally happened. My old pal CARL FERRER, CEO of Backpage, was arrested on charges of underage pimping and is facing 22 years in the slam. His smarmy lawyer (and a person who sent me a very impersonal letter of dismissal a few years back) was not available for comment. My guess is she’s still catching her breath…and concocting some preposterous statement for the press as we speak. To be fair, Carl is certainly no pimp – at least not in the traditional sense. So how did it all go wrong?

Over a decade ago, Carl was way up the food chain at Village Voice Media. But then when #1 fired #2, Carl (who was somewhere around #3) became collateral damage. Knowing that #1 didn’t have it in for him – and just his superior – Carl circled back to #1 with a plan. And that plan was to have VV Media back him and his idea to start up a Craig clone. Number one bought in and they were on their way – to the pokey as it turned out! Continue Reading

e3bfb10808b26ce03abd3f2f3c4f0928Time for another in the “legend” series. Not every woman I ever ran an ad for is remarkable. But a few are…and Mistress Tara was one of them.

So what’s a nice jewish girl doing in this business?…was a question I never asked. Not really relevant. My job was to sell the ad, write the copy, take some pictures, get the money, and Fed Ex all the relevant materials to the office in Philadelphia.

I can’t actually remember how I met MISTRESS TARA. Maybe I telemarketed her. Or maybe she was a lead one of the bean counters at the office gave me after she called in. It doesn’t really matter. Tara had a dungeon she called THE DEN OF INIQUITY just around the corner from McMannus bar, where Tara and I spent a lot of time whiling away the wee hours with a hilarious bartender whose name happened to be Billy. Continue Reading

imagesPardon the late post today but I had a tech problem with the “who’s new” button and had to recreate the entire page. Go Daddy was stumped as was I. But I figured out a work-around which will hopefully solve the problem…though all the old comments on that page are now gone. My apologies. Maybe I can restore them but for the moment, it’s time to post and then go feed the have-nots.

On to the good doctor. Today I’m doing a commercial for a guy who really impressed me. DOCTOR BRAVO, an audiologist on 14th Street, sent me (and many others, no doubt) a letter inviting all recipients to come have a hearing test at his office free-of-charge. And for those who answered the call, he offered a $25 Amazon gift card just for coming in! Continue Reading

urlJust yesterday, a friend of mine voiced the opinion that men who see transsexuals are gay – pure and simple. How we got to that point in the conversation I can’t remember but regardless, I posed this question: If guys who see trannies are totally gay, why wouldn’t they see men? What’s the point of seeing an individual who looks like a woman but has male genitalia? There must be some distinction there.

The subject ended as quickly as it began but after I hung up (so to speak) with my homey, I gave the subject a minute’s thought whereupon my mind wandered to dominatrixes I’ve known who in my opinion, did not like men. Yet they obsessed on male genitalia as much or more than simple working girls do. What’s up with that?!?! Continue Reading

catholic-priest-clip-art-cliparts-co-sx84nb-clipartTake your average escort – or even just a good-looking man or woman in their 20’s or 30’s – and you can generally assume they have an active sex life. Clearly, these are the people with whom I generally interact – at least as regards this blog.

But I have a different social set as well. Every Wednesday down at the Catholic Worker (where I volunteer), a group of seminary students arrives to bring some food and help out with the daily volunteer duties (serving, dish washing, peeling onions, cleaning tables, etc.). Almost all are friendly and helpful…and physically attractive enough that they could have active sex lives. Yet none do. And given that they’re all catholic…they won’t ever!

I find this to be at once noble and incomprehensible. I’m mostly an agnostic guy…but can still understand why someone would want to worship God. For a lot of people, it can be scary to not understand what the hell we’re all a part of…and believing in a Creator gives them comfort. It would be great if that belief gave me the same feeling but alas, it doesn’t. But the no sex thing? That eludes me! To not be intimate with another human being – ever? I don’t know…but that’s a tough sell. Continue Reading

boringmeetingbannerblu-300x116It is now 7:11 AM…and I have already been up for two hours happily reading a book I checked out from the library yesterday. It seems odd at this moment that at one point in my early adulthood, I remember my mother observing that it was my life ambition to never have to get up in the morning. Ha ha! And whether that was true or not, an impartial bystander might agree with her given how few times I actually had employment that required I set an alarm clock.

Let’s see…besides those silly summer jobs I used to work during high school and college… Continue Reading

575179191600002a00f953cbI’m not a huge fan of ALICIA KEYS. I just don’t think she sings or writes that well. But there’s one thing I really like about her. She’s decided to go natural. And I mean completely natural! Forget about all the breast and butt implants Hollywood women are going for these days. Alicia won’t even wear makeup. And no weaves as well. She wraps her hair in an African sort of configuration.

Amazingly, the whole presentation works. It’s not that she’s all that naturally beautiful (though she is attractive enough). It’s just the lack of of pretense that’s such a breath of fresh air. In another era, it might not have worked. But now? Hallelujah! Continue Reading

3994146167_5f9ec0a867If you ever check out the adult help wanted ads on Squackpage, you’ll notice a hilarious potpourri of crap that only a section whose ads cost a mere two bucks would elicit. Ya know…guys looking for girls who’ll let them sniff their smelly feet. Or guys who want a fat girl who’ll smother their faces with her humongously repulsive ass. Well…one I viewed yesterday really made me laugh.

As we all know, some counties in Nevada have legalized prostitution. If said county has fewer than 700,000 residents…and a majority of those residents vote for legal prostitution via referendum…the whole deal is kosher. Why would anybody vote for legalized prostitution you might ask? Because the customers spend money while in the host’s county. And that means income for the residents. Continue Reading

1474818602276Next to a motorcycle (and maybe a car), a boat is the male’s most significant extension of his you-know-what. But the boat and driving one is unique in one way. You don’t have to know anything to pilot one legally. That’s right. No training…no lessons…no nothing.

And thus, for the third time in just 20 something years, big time athletes have died while irresponsibly driving (or being driven in) a boat. JOSE FERNANDEZ is the third and most recent victim. His boy (compatriot) was at the helm going 60 mph in the dark when he smashed into a jetty. Result? Everybody dead! Who the fuck drives a boat at 60 mph when he can’t see? A dead guy with no training, that’s who!  Continue Reading

stick-a-fork-in-weinerANTHONY WEINER, disgraced ex New York congressman, has clearly flipped his lid. Despite numerous scandals concerning his inappropriate use of the Internet to sext with women, he continues on his intrepid path to ruin and now faces not just embarrassment and humiliation – but prosecution for the latest round of salacious activity.

If you haven’t heard, here’s a piece of the transcript he (allegedly) sent to a 15 year-old girl he’s been in contact with for months: “I would bust that tight pussy so hard and so often that you would leak and limp for a week.”  Really, dude! What the fuck?!?! Are you 52 going on 15? Like yo…there’s something seriously wrong with you! Continue Reading

“Me so ho-nee” is an expression that the hip hop world has adopted in song a couple of times. But its inception comes from a film called FULL METAL JACKET, directed by Quentin Tarantino’s idol, Stanley Kubrick. If you’ve never had the pleasure of viewing the original “Me so Ho-nee,” here it is courtesy of You Tube.

Kubrick truly catches the essence of the Vietnam War hooker experience in this scene. I myself did not serve in Vietnam thanks to a high lottery number. But drinking friends from the East Village who were over there told me that the scene was very authentic. Kudos to Kubrick. I don’t know where or how he found this girl but she’s just too perfect in the role. Too slutty for words. Check it out. Truly classic.


k-bigpicThe very few people who read this blog religiously will remember that a year ago, I was about to become a freelancer for the Daily Beast. I’d been introduced to the big boss…submitted a piece I thought worthy…and assigned an editor. After submitting three or four ideas, he bit on one (enthusiastically, I might add) and told me to expand on what I’d written on the subject for this blog.

So I did exactly as he requested (twice with two different versions to ensure his approval) and then heard nothing back. After a few emails to which he didn’t respond, I just gave up. There were two likely scenarios. Somebody had sandbagged me in the interim…or what I’d written didn’t impress him. Yesterday, I got my answer. I spoke with another editor at the site and related what had happened. Curious, he instructed me to wait three minutes and he’d call back with the answer. Continue Reading

While I try to stay current with youth culture – and in some small way actually do – there are certain aspects that elude me. Like Twitter for example. Why would I want to tell my 3 followers stuff like “just took a mean dump…awesome!”…or “OMG! I just woke up with half a hard-on. Better wank it quick before it goes away!”

So anyway…I have a 30-something friend who is not just half my age – but from a street culture I was never a part of. Not only does he use terms like “cake”…meaning a girl has “back”…meaning she’s got a big round booty…but Leroy (name change) has a few other cultural quirks which I find curious. Continue Reading

In honor of our top cop stepping down, I repeat the story about that fateful night I picked William Bratton up in my cab. Busting a hack was 99.99% drudgery for sure. But every so often…ya got that sublimely surrealistic moment. And my voyage with the Chief provided one of them!

When a guy drives a taxi in New York City, he never really knows who he’s going to pick up. I mean…everybody rides cabs in the Rotten Apple so at any given point a driver can roll up on an old girlfriend…or a porn star…or a Grammy or Oscar winner…or his mother! And yes, I did pick up all of the aforementioned during my tenure as a transportation executive. Continue Reading

2016-236-be1149a8-db54-4704-8001-829bccd9f2b8Until very recently, I was barely aware that a company called LINK NYC had set up kiosks on New York city street corners which offered free wifi – and even a tablet on which anybody could log onto the web free-of-charge. All this is paid for by purchased advertising that appears on the outside of the kiosk – and the general purpose of the project is to enable tourists and New Yorkers alike to access vital city information.

In theory, this all sounds like a serious quality of life improvement. The kiosk even enables free phone calls through Vonage – if the user is tech savvy. But guess what happened! The homeless commandeered the kiosks, setting up shop with carts, discarded mattresses and the like littering the sidewalk next to the kiosks, many of which are located in fancy neighborhoods. Continue Reading

This is a repeat. You’ll note that two of the girls who appear in this oddball video include a recurring and regular character from THE BIG BANG sitcom.

A reader sent me a link to this sublimely preposterous video which I have no doubt will be going viral soon. Apparently, there’s at least a small segment of the fairer set who recognize their lack of aptitude when it comes to digital manipulation – if this video is any indication. Whatever…enjoy! Just click “no” where it says to install the adobe flash player and it should play immediately.

oI can’t imagine that anybody remembers this place now…but about 15 years ago, there was a very successful Korean outcall which called itself DREAMHOUSE. Dreamhouse was notable for a few reasons. First and foremost, it was the first Korean outcall to use real pictures in their ads.

At the time, the boss was going through ad reps like club girls goes through guys. Which is to say that every week she was trying out a new one. This of course caused major wars between the two advertising agencies who fed the Village Voice somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 – 80 k per week….not to mention among ad guys whether it was with a rep from the same or competing agency.

When it was my turn to come to the plate, I was determined to stop the revolving door. “One week of ads with me and they’d know they found the right guy,” was my hope. With camera in hand, I rode the #6 to Grand Central…the #7 to Jackson Heights/74th Street…the GG to Grand Street…and then hoofed the last half mile to a private row house behind the old Panamerican Hotel in Maspeth, Queens. Continue Reading

100_3669By my own admission, I am not the world’s most thoughtful person. But it’s something I’ve been working on recently, and I’m happy to say my efforts have been rewarded. A few weeks back I mentioned an outing I went on with several volunteers at the Catholic Worker to see the Staten Island Yankees. But I left one story out in my haste to complete the entry.

One of the members of the crew in attendance is a girl I named SUNSHINE. What her real name is I don’t know. All I knew is that one day there was a new Chinese volunteer who wore a perpetual smile on her face. And not knowing her name, I addressed her as Sunshine. The name stuck…which was a good thing because she liked it right away. Soon most of the volunteers were calling her Sunshine as well. Continue Reading

nyc-july1978-1aJust when I thought I’d recounted every story from my limited life experience…I discovered one I’d missed. And I want to thank Mick at the Catholic Worker who upon hearing this tale, asked if I’d written it up for my blog. Apparently, he and the second guy within earshot thought I should. So here goes.

If there’s one issue readers address more often than any other, it’s the old “what happens if I’m in a place when it gets busted?” That question has been pretty much asked and answered many times over the years, but my own personal experience in this realm has never been revealed – at least when I was a customer. (On several occasions, I was on the premises selling advertising when the cops came in – but never in the room with a girl.) Continue Reading

untitledDONALD TRUMP would be the first to tell you that he has a very high IQ – and that you have to be extremely intelligent to gain admission to the Wharton School where he attended college. He’s just that kind of modest guy. As a decent but not excellent student in high school, I myself was put on the waiting list at his alma mater when I applied. Yet still, I’m not convinced that The Donald is any smarter than I am. But how could I possibly know?

Enter HOWARD STERN, who recently interviewed Donald, daughter Ivanka and son Don on his show. After the trio discussed how brilliant one must be to gain admission at the Wharton School, Howard posed a simple question to which I personally knew the answer in under 3 seconds. Watch what happens and tell me again how intelligent this guy and his family really are! I hope they play a mean guitar, paint up a storm, or write excellent prose…because clearly, cipherin’ ain’t their thing! Check it out! Continue Reading

imgresThere’s an old expression (the above title) which every parent worth his or her weight in cotton balls tells their child. Always tell the truth. Lying is for losers. And mostly I agree. Lying is just too complicated. Tell one and you have to tell 20 more to back up the first. I just can’t keep track and have always outed myself quickly by saying something that contradicted the first lie. So anyway, a friend of mine recounted a story on this subject yesterday that really got me hysterical. Continue Reading

imagesYears ago when I drove a taxi and knew little or nothing about the escort world, bars were the hunting ground I frequented in what was mostly a hopeless attempt at real – or even physical – bonding. In short, I spent way too much time and money for too little you-know-what – and even less meaningful intellectual intercourse.

But still, there were moments when I did get “callbacks” from either cute or intelligent (mostly the latter) women I met along the way. And while almost never did the object of my predation embody both of the aforementioned attributes, there was a girl named Terry…as in…Terry Batista, an ACLU lawyer and coincidentally, the granddaughter of the infamous and ruthless dictator who preceded Fidel Castro. Clearly, she was an exception to the rule. Terry was both pretty and intelligent…and it made sense and rendered her lineage acceptable…that she was doing underappreciated, and poorly paid work on behalf of the have-nots in American society after her grandaddy had killed numerous citizens of Cuba. Continue Reading

640x0A couple of years ago I was talking to a guy who buys sex on a regular basis. When I asked if he was married, the man’s response was simple: “Yes, but my wife doesn’t want to have sex anymore so I get it elsewhere.” This was how he dismissed his activity. And it made sense to me. Personally, I like having sex. If I were married and my wife didn’t want to partake, I don’t think I’d have a moral issue seeking it elsewhere. This is not an uncommon predicament or reaction to the situation – especially for readers of this blog.

Hoping to capitalize on an aging female’s lack of interest in much the same manner as PFIZER made a mint from men’s inability to get and maintain an erection as they grew older, SPROUT PHARMACEUTICALS has endeavored to bring a female version of viagra to the sweeter half of our species. But mostly, it’s been a bust (no pun intended). Continue Reading

d66ea455f199300c87cf9058bfc35299Some people call it “dirty talk.” Me? I prefer “sweet nothings.” Whichever way…today’s post is about the banter – or the verbal intercourse if you will – that takes place during the sexual intercourse.

Whether in the professional or amateur realm, it’s usually meaningless scripted stuff. “Oh, it feels so good”…or “just like that”…or “oh, yes, yes”…or finally “oh my God!” The last has to be the most overused of them all!

Well…last night, I was in the throes with a very hot boriqua. Predictably, there was a lot of Spanglish going back and forth: “Alright, baby! Que chocha perfecta! I like-ee! Me gusta!” said I. “Que rica, papi! Damelo! Give it to me good!”…was more or less  her response. Continue Reading