O’DELL BECKHAM, star New York Giants wide out, has a new girlfriend…which is something of a curiosity itself in that some people think he’s gay. But reading the story made me think along different lines. As is usually the case with a high-profile athlete, his woman is gorgeous. And what’s happening more and more nowadays? The girl’s occupation is listed as Instagram model.

To review…I repeat what an Instagram model is. A girl (or guy) sets up an Instagram account with multiple pictures that are so remarkable in some way that she (or he) garners thousands of followers. When a big corporation like Nike notices the person’s popularity, it will then pay the “model” to pose in its labeled clothing for a fee and voila…she or he is making a living as an Instagram model.

Now I’ve known a few Instagram models because they pop up working guess where! You guessed right…at an incall! Funny thing about that when all you’re concerned with is making yourself beautiful and becoming famous. Their side jobs often include stripping or escorting (not to allege that O’Dell’s new belle is either). Continue Reading

blogThe VaultOn more than one occasion, I’ve mentioned my employment at Action Magazine as the springboard for this crazy life I’ve led for the past 20 years. But I don’t think I’ve ever described my very first assignment as a freelance writer for the publication.

The story starts with a guy named Ted Liebowitz, an entrepreneur who made millions in the phone sex hustle. In fact, he got so rich from that preposterous medium that Ted integrated into publishing girly rags as a lark. And it made sense. He could plaster all those publications with ads for his phone lines rather than pay rags like Playboy, Juggs and whatever else for the privilege. Continue Reading

I’ve often wondered what exactly it is about female escorts that makes an inordinate percentage of them bisexual. Are they super horny and just want to get down with everybody? Or is it all the competition they encounter working at houses that makes them resolve the conflict by simply coupling up with another girl who has one particular asset she herself wishes were hers?

Whatever…whether a large percentage of escorts are bisexual is virtually beyond debate. After almost 20 years of dealing with the girls, I can say unequivocally that a) I’ve met a statistically significant sampling and b)…that many do have sex with women as well as men. Continue Reading

It seems that every week we see a headline story of either a prosecutor who trades leniency for sex or a teacher who has sex with his (or her) underage student. This week the latter is front and center and as before, I take issue with the manner in which the case will be prosecuted.

Clearly, a 50 year-old schoolteacher running away with a 15 year-old student is a schmuck move. I can’t imagine how TAD CUMMINS thought there would be anything but years and years of prison in his future. But slapping him with kidnapping charges strikes me as completely inappropriate. Continue Reading

Given that this is mostly a blog about escorts and horny guys’ sex lives, the word explosion conjures the obvious. Well, I had a huge explosion yesterday…but it wasn’t quite the pa-pow I had in mind!

A bachelor’s eating habits are always a curiosity to family type people who generally sit down at meals which include an appetizer, entree and dessert. We don’t eat like that. Binge and a la carte is more our style because really…how many single guys have the inclination to prepare an entire meal for one? Not me, that’s for sure. Continue Reading

Granted, most of what I heard from the back seat of a cab (when I was driving and sitting in the front) was a total snore. Mostly, people aren’t that interesting. But occasionally, the surreal could entertain even the most hardened and jaded of cabbies. One of those supreme moments came from a girl who was describing another woman she knew to her boyfriend: “She’s got big tits and a tiny waist…ya know…the kind of girl you don’t like.” What?!? Excuse me! You wanna know what type of guy doesn’t like a girl with big tits and a small waist? A gay guy, honey! I can imagine the line of bull shit he gave this girl to win her affections. Let’s see. “Oh, no honey! I like a girl with a flat ass. Big, round, juicy butts are just sooo unattractive.” Or “No, honey! I hate a girl with smooth, creamy skin. Give me a chick with acne scars any day. That’s what turns me on!” Continue Reading

Into the way back machine once again for a little weekend entertainment. From the reference about the recent financial downturn, I’m guessing 2009 or so. With a few changes, it could have been written today – which is how it made the cut.

Last night, I was down at the ol’ Rite Aid buyin’ some supplies (like a case of Natty’s) and came to discover at the checkout that the cost of my favorite libation (besides apple, orange and cranberry juice) had risen 20%. I commented to the checkout girl that I needed to find a new vice but noted when I looked up at the price of a carton of cigarettes “it wouldn’t be tobacco!” Like holy crap! Eight six bucks for a carton of smokes! Are you fucking kidding me? Continue Reading

Many years ago I rustled up a freelance writing gig from Maveety Publishing, the very magazine conglomerate which brought you glossy jewels along the lines of JUGGS, BUST OUT and BLACK TAIL. Having scored the gig, I received a set of guidelines among which was a declaration that I not use any neologisms.

Ok! For the few who don’t know…a neologism is a newly-coined word. In the context of the assignment, writing that a girl’s face had been “sploogified” would have been a new way of saying her visage had been frosted with a heaping helping of you-know-what – and thus, a no-no! In the context of urban contemporary music, BEYONCE noted that her body was “too ‘bootylicious’ for ya, babe.” In fact, her neologism eventually made it into Webster’s the word became so widely used. Continue Reading

Here’s one from when the blog was young. Hard to say exactly when but I’d guess 7 or so years ago.

It has occurred to me on occasion that having a guest blogger inject some new blood and relieve me of my daily self-imposed posting might be appropriate – especially since I’m rapidly running out of things to say! But nobody has ponied up anything worth inserting except – some e-mails. They’re not really intended for publishing but some are so good they really ARE worthy of sharing. And here’s two I got a couple of days ago.

#1 is entitled OPINIONS ARE LIKE ASSHOLES! And it goes like this: Continue Reading

The other day I logged onto my least favorite review forum just to see if there was anything new on the board that might be blogworthy and guess what happened! I was redirected to a different but similar site based in Washington state which had no New York or even East Coast section where an inquiring mind might find some useful information. At the top, there was some mention of a “merger” between the sites but really…I seriously doubt that’s the whole story. Continue Reading

Jesus H., Mary and Joseph! Is there a woman in the world who will fuck BILL O’REILLY? It sure doesn’t look that way from what I read and hear. Talk about a guy who couldn’t get laid in a whore house! Which brings me to my point.

If you’re a 67 year-old guy with a residual hankering for hot, young women, you’d have to be one smooth operator to do any scoring. And apparently, O’Reilly is not that smooth operator. Add to that his $18 million salary which some of the sexually harassed might want to “share,” and what you get is a formula for disaster. Already, Bill and/or Fox have forked over $13 million to settle sexual harassment claims directed at O’Reilly alone. Hey, Bill. Ever hear of a whore house?

For a relatively modest fee, you can enjoy the company of a young, gorgeous and attentive young lady who will tell you what you want to hear and satisfy every urge within reason. And then you can walk away and simply return when the mood strikes. At $300 a pop, you could do that every day for the next 118 years with the money you’ve already spent settling lawsuits pursuant to your incredibly clumsy approach. Bill! Am I making any sense here? Continue Reading

From the archives – which means more than 4 years ago when all I did was eat, sleep and sell escort ads.

I’d like to tell you that the “pretty woman” syndrome is simply a piece of Hollywood mythology…but once again, experience has proved it’s not. Sometimes I think that the entire escort game is nothing but a sophisticated dating service wherein the participants forgo all the pomp and circumstance and just give and receive $ to cut to the chase. Think of all the time and energy amateurs waste to finally go to bed and find out “uh-oh…not happening! The car looked good on the showroom floor but the test drive proved differently.” Continue Reading

LYNDON BAINES JOHNSON, America’s 36th president, was very possibly the most curious in that elite group. Never really meant to be our commander-in-chief, LBJ found himself on the ticket with John Kennedy mostly because JFK needed the Southern vote. Johnson was from Texas and so the democrats nominated him for vice president hoping to corral enough states south of the Mason Dixon line to win the election. In fact, the two couldn’t have been more different and did not get along. JACKIE KENNEDY was quoted as calling LBJ Senator Corn Pone. Enough said right there!

In fact, it’s unlikely that LBJ ever would have risen to the presidency had JFK not been assassinated. Johnson was not that popular a figure in Washington. Mostly, he was considered a yokel bully, a fact which the White House staff discovered quickly after he moved in. Continue Reading

Riddle me this: If some airline offered you $800 and a free hotel room to get off a flight and travel the next day, would you take the deal? And then when nobody bit and four people were chosen, would you absolutely refuse and let three thugs beat the crap out of you? I surmise that if you subject yourself to that kind of humiliation, there might be a card missing in your deck!

Dr. Dao refused the deal and then wouldn’t leave peaceably thus submitting himself to a beating, fame and (unfortunately) media scrutiny. No doubt, there’s gonna be a big payday in his future. Was that his intention all along? Hard to say…but here’s what we now know about the good doctor thanks to his decision to buck the authorities: Continue Reading

louis-jordan-stage-shot-ss-1-sh20If there’s one taboo that stands out among all the rest in the escort industry, it’s the underage issue. Via trafficking, pimping or just sloppy ownership not “vetting” their employees, girls below the age of consent sneak into the rank and file. And it doesn’t matter whether they’re 36-24-36 with several partners under their belt. The long arm of the law frowns upon the offense.

Having sex with and/or employing underage girls is nothing new. Escort business or otherwise. Ask Loretta Lynn, who married and bore children all while underage. Or Chuck Berry, who served time for sexing up an underage groupie after driving her across a state line. Or Jerry Lee Lewis who married his 13 year old cousin. They’ll tell you all about it. Continue Reading

It’s late and who wants to leave the house or wait for a girl to arrive when video chat with this and many other girls is just a few seconds away? Check it out! And every time you hit the refresh button, you’ll see a different girl. Or click the girl’s pic and the sound comes on.


365085377_tpJust as my old man once admonished me back in my college days…”you think you hippies invented pot?”…I say something similar to the “now” generation about multi-tasking, a term invented in more recent times – but an activity which goes way back. Like…how many times did I try to do my homework while listening to music – or watching tv?

Anybody with any maturity knows that when you try to do two things at the same time, your accuracy and efficiency will suffer. Back when I used to post Backpage, every night held the same activity: Setting up all the ads for the next day as I listened to tunes in my headphones. Mostly, I got away with it as neither activity was particularly demanding. But occasionally, I would fuck up spectacularly and cause myself a headache in the process. Continue Reading

While I do have a pile of print publications in my apartment with stuff I’ve written contained inside, I’m not the kind of guy who would take the time and effort to keep a scrapbook of my accomplishments. Yet I actually have one! And there’s a rational explanation.

Years ago when I was driving a cab and writing op eds for the local dailies, I would make copies of articles that had been published and carry them in my bag so if somebody in the back seat got personal with me, I could whip out evidence that I wasn’t a complete loser (ha ha). And sure enough one day, a pretty girl engaged me in conversation whereupon I did the obvious and she suggested that I should really make a presentable scrapbook rather than tote around folded up and frayed copies of articles I’d had published. And so…I went to Staples…scored a binder and such…whipped up a scrapbook…and promptly did nothing with it for over 20 years. Then the day came when taking the time and effort finally paid off (kind of). Continue Reading

Hundred dollar bill copyOver the years, I’ve written two autobiographical pieces about how I arrived at my bizarre station in life. Up until this morning I only remembered one until I grabbed an old Screw Magazine from a pile of publications gathering dust in the corner and found this version – which I like a whole lot better. So here it is…THE UNMAKING OF DOLLAR BILL!

Every man I know wants to swap jobs with me. John the cab driver, Joel the doctor, Don the editor, Rocco the cop. They all want my job. I’m an adult advertising rep, a laughable euphemism for a guy who hops on a bike and chases escorts down for the advertising money they must spend in the local papers and websites to attract clientele. All the horn dogs think my life is glamorous. It isn’t. I’m an artistic soul (yeah, right!) who coincidentally found my way to New York’s seething underbelly as a cab driver and freelance writer. This is not a gig I ever sought or asked for. Regardless, here’s how I got it: Continue Reading

If Big Brother is watching my every computer move (which wouldn’t surprise me), the old boy has to be one bored SOB of late. You see…I’ve taken to binge-watching over 100 episodes of a syndicated sitcom I recently discovered. “LAST MAN STANDING,” the aforementioned presentation, is of interest to me on a few levels.

Like for starters, it’s a show centered around the lives of TIM ALLEN and his wife and three very cute and nubile daughters (hence the show’s name). It’s the 17 year-old for whom I have the hots. But Big Brother? Down there, large guy! The actress who plays the role is actually 30.Funny how that works. Continue Reading

4273961356_047e49ccdbDon’t blink now or you might miss it. March 24th marked the 27th anniversary of the release of PRETTY WOMAN, that iconic piece of crap which supposedly pealed back the layers of the hooker game! Yup! Believe it or not..it’s been 25 years since Garry Marshall schooled us on the subject.

But I’m not buyin’ it now…and I wasn’t then – even though the actual release of the film predates my involvement in the escort business. It was just too shiny and rose-colored for me to believe. Hey! I’d seen East Village hookers standing on the corner. And they didn’t appear to be even distantly related to JULIA ROBERTS. Continue Reading

Just this past Tuesday I was riding around visiting a couple of places when at the second stop, I spied a plastic bag that said “Junior’s” on the front. Just in case three people reading don’t know what Junior’s is…it’s a ritzy deli located on Flatbush Avenue (or at least it once was) which boasts some of the best ethnic (mostly Jewish) food in New York. You think the Carnegie Deli and Katz’s…you think Junior’s as well.

So of course I ask “What’s with the bag from Junior’s?” whereupon the manager/phone girl responds “a customer brought it. Have some,” matter-of-factly. So I open the bag to see two large and very delicious-looking black and white cookies!  Continue Reading

As y’all know, I commend my Korean “buddies” for running clean, professional businesses and paying their bills on time. But not everybody in the escort business rivals them in these crucial arenas. Many are sloppy, dirty and shady. And then there are those who are outright criminals. Ya know…the kind that rob and beat people!

Enter Bonnie and Clyde or actually…Tommy and Ebony (because those are their real names). Tom was an ad rep for Cityvibe back in the days when they had a New York office and were a force. In fact, the New York office had been franchised out to two low lives – one who owned an adult advertising agency and the other the boss of New Jersey’s biggest you-know-what. Tommy was their employee. Homey was also a huge thief and coke fiend.

Just for example…I was selling Cityvibe ads at $175/month…getting a 30% commission for each sale. Compared to the Voice and NY Press ads I was placing for thousands a week at a similar commission, I didn’t really give a crap about Cityvibe. They weren’t how I made all my money. But I had a good relationship with one of the bosses so I offered their medium in the interest of generating good will among colleagues. Continue Reading

Most guys don’t want to admit it…or even think about! But at some point in our skirt-chasing life, we’ve been fooled! For me, it happened many years ago at a place called the Aztec, a punk rock dive bar located on 9th Street between First Avenue and Avenue B.

The Aztec was a legendary East Village bar. At first an illegal blue collar watering hole with a banner out front which proudly read “cold women and warm beer,” the joint was sold and converted into the radical-minded shithole it soon became. A dark dungeon of a joint with no trappings of civilized society of any type, it was perfect for the anarchist/120 decibel thrash-rock loving crew. Continue Reading

Ask yourself this: Where in New York City would I go if I wanted to run into somebody famous? A popular club? A fancy restaurant? Well…I used to pick up celebrities more frequently than you’d think in my cab. But that’s not what today’s entry is about.

While my building is ritzy enough to have washers and dryers in the basement, experience has taught me that it’s worth the extra effort, time and money to hit the commercial washers on the boulevard to clean my extensive wardrobe. Those feeble washers downstairs are ok for chicks who wear their clothing for three hours and then throw them in the hamper. But for a guy who does his wash once a month whether he needs to or not? You get the idea. Continue Reading

kbjI’m not kidding about this. South Korea is easily as wild and free as the good old US of A. Maybe even more so. You think we’re modern Internet junkies? South Korea has the most high speed Internet connections per capita of any country in the world! And they also have strange game shows. Back before streaming, the Korean girls used to rent Korean game show tapes many of which featured bizarre contests complete with vats of jello falling on the participants’ heads.

Well…I thought I’d seen most of what Korea had to offer in the genre until a reader sent me a link to the following video. Girls competing for who gives the best oral? Crazy! Gotta love the one girl who pretends to brush her teeth with the phallically-shaped object. And really…none looks like she’d make the grade in a you-know-what. Still…the video is worth posting just for the fun of it. The girls are too cute. Check it out! Continue Reading

Many years ago I sold advertising to a girl who called herself Adalis. And man…could this girl make money! She didn’t want to fall asleep for fear that she might miss a client! That’s how hell bent she was on piling up mountains of cash! Yup! Dallas made a fortune made a fortune in this business until the girl found Jesus – and a real estate license – and faded into mainstream obscurity hustling rentals for Citihabitats. Now that should have rated as the barracuda’s crowning achievement. But no! To my mind, it was the night she made her landmark racist comment, that truly defines Dallas’s memory. Continue Reading

Not that I haven’t made some bone-headed mistakes of my own, but a story I heard recently really takes the cake. And it wasn’t that a girl absent-mindedly and harmlessly got on the wrong train. She got on the wrong plane!

So this Korean cutie wanted to fly to San Jose, California and somehow managed to book a flight to a city of the same or similar name in Mexico. Uh oh! Not good when you aren’t carrying a passport and come in from a country where you don’t have legal status. Predictably, she landed in some sort of holding tank and called her roommate to help. So the roomie flew down and guess what happened! They both got deported! As I said…a little different from getting on the wrong subway. Continue Reading

For most of my adult life I’ve been unaware…but the New York Public Library is an amazing resource. Just think of a movie or book you want to see or read…log into your account…and then put it on hold. Eventually (and often much sooner), you’ll be notified that it’s ready for pickup. And of course, all of this costs you nothing.

So I was reading a book about SUE MENGERS, Hollywood’s first female super agent to the stars, and came to discover that the #2 box office movie of 1977 was (are you ready for this?) “SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT”…a mindless piece of crap which ALFRED HITCHCOCK cited as one of his favorite movies! Starring BURT REYNOLDS, SALLY FIELD and JERRY REED and with a first-time director who’d worked for years as a stuntman at the helm, and a whopping $3.5 million budget ($1 million going to Reynolds), how could you go wrong? I kid of course. The real question was “Exactly how embarrassing is this film going to be?” Continue Reading

Many years ago I had a not very noteworthy FWB relationship about which I’ve uncharacteristically never expounded on this blog. So let me rectify that situation today as there is something instructive in the reminiscence.

She went by the name of Brenda…and worked at Gina’s Dreamland for a while. And when the girl decided to go independent and rented an apartment down the street, she called for ads. Despite the fact that Gina had already told me Brenda sucked in the room, I was still interested in a little barter along with a few cash sales. The woman was very cute facially and boasted a big, natural chest. I mean…what’s not to go for in that deal?

Mostly, Gina was right about Brenda in the room. Not that great. But I got by that. I kind of liked her. What can I say? You can’t get everything in one package! But Brenda had a quirk, too. She was normal…a hopeless romantic even! Who’d a thunk? Continue Reading

MARCH MADNESS is upon us as a division of basketball fans tune in to watch their favorite college team compete in the spring tournament. In theory, college athletics is amateur sports…but anybody with half a brain is all too aware that with the football and basketball programs especially, the only thing “amateur” in the mix are the players who go uncompensated financially for their efforts while the coaches and schools they play for make a bloody fortune from the sweat off their brows.

That the players are pimped by their schools in exchange for a college degree which very few of them actually earn in the classroom, is nothing new. And that schools will do almost anything within the rules to recruit the best high school players so that their teams might win and generate huge revenues in the process is similarly old hat. But when one of the school’s employees hires a bunch of strippers/ho’s to dance and perform sexual favors for recruits and their fathers? That’s a different story. Continue Reading

DollarSignIf there’s one question I’ve fielded ad nauseum since embarking on my adult ad-selling “career,” it’s the one about who’s the hottest girl in New York. Of course, all that crap is subjective and anybody who would even pose that thought doesn’t really get it. Alternatively, more business-oriented individuals get down to the real nitty gritty: “Who makes the most money?”…to me a much more thoughtful question. And so I think back over the years and offer up a few.

The first girl who comes to mind isn’t even a girl. She’s a tranny. MIRIAM, who became famous via her reality show “THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MIRIAM,”  (a deal she got simply for being one of the world’s most beautiful transsexuals) made obscene amounts of cash. This girl was so busy I often had to fight my way in to pick up her Voice and Press ad money. Gorgeous model types (men) would be waiting on the stoop or in front of the building…and took me for a customer trying to cut the line. On more than one occasion, I explained who I was and that I’d be in and out in 5 minutes just to avoid being one of the group of guys waiting outside. Continue Reading

Create-Nightclub-3_54_990x660Now too old to attract an escort, I harken back to days of yore when I actually could occasionally.

Anybody who’s ever spent an inordinate amount of time pursuing women in bars or nightclubs knows from experience that there’s no worse place to find a girlfriend than that particular venue. Or at least, that’s my opinion…as I can say without equivocation, that in all my years drinking and carousing, I never once developed a meaningful relationship from that not-so-happy hunting ground. Yeah, I got a cheap thrill or two…but nothing serious. Continue Reading

r4MQ-P8e_400x400Mistress Nicole was a worthless waste of humanity for sure. But I was new to the business and thus naive and somewhat hypnotized by her aura for a minute or two.

I first met the ditzy domme some time before the turn of the century when my boss at Action Magazine (Joe Rose) ordered me to report to the owner of Pandora’s Box, New York City’s premier dungeon. Joe and Richard were starting up a she male magazine titled “Adam As Eve.” And both principles wanted me to co-edit the rag with Nicole.

The mistress didn’t look half bad. A little milfy by then…but once upon a time, Nicole was one of the original Soul Train dancers. So even if the luster was fading, it was clear that she shone brightly at one point in time. That was the good part. The bad part was she wrote on a third grade level…and had the usual escort/dominatrix sense of self-worth, entitlement and presumption. Which is to say…she had no clue as to her own ignorance and incompetence. Continue Reading

Not being a legend in my own mind, I mostly view this blog as a masturbatory pursuit written in a vacuum. And I don’t really have a problem with that. I’m well aware that my writing and posting something daily is as much (or more) for me than it is for anybody else. But occasionally, I come to discover there actually are two or three people out there in cyber space with so little to do that they come to this site and read what I have to say! That fact I found out in a most gratifying way yesterday.

And no, it wasn’t a gorgeous bird writing in to say “I love your blog. Can I give you a free whatever” (though that would be gratifying)! It went like this:

About a week ago, I ran a tongue-in-cheek repeat about little Chinese ladies at the University Soup Kitchen excusing themselves to go to the ladies room only to stuff full rolls of toilet paper into their bags after they were done…effectively leaving the next visitor nothing to clean up with.  Continue Reading

tanyathumb copyThe girl’s name was Tanya…and she wasn’t half bad-looking. Not somebody I’d want to see in the room mind you, but nice enough to make a good living. Tanya worked as either floor or phone girl for a few different houses that ran ads in the Voice, Press and Action using me as their agent. And so… I got to know her pretty well over the span of a few years.

Tanya and I got along fine. There was absolutely no sexual tension between us. I didn’t want to have sex with her nor vice versa. But she knew I’d been “familiar” with some of her friends and one day while I was hanging out waiting to take photos of a girl who was occupied for an hour, she decided to gossip…comparing notes on several girls we both knew. Continue Reading

Unless you live on another planet or have absolutely no interest in music, you know that CHUCK BERRY, arguably the king of rock and roll, died a few days ago. While clearly a musical genius, Chuck as it turned out was no boy scout in the legal or moral realm.

In his teens, Chuck and his boys carjacked a motorist and then held up two or three convenience stores at gunpoint. That little caper got him locked up in reform school.

Years later, while on the road with his band, Chuck picked up a 14 year-old Apache Indian girl in Mexico…escorted her through the border…put her in full Indian garb…and turned her into a waitress at his St. Louis nightclub.

After they parted ways, the girl was arrested for turning tricks out of a local hotel whereupon she told the police she’d been brought to St. Louis by Chuck and that they’d had sex. For that indiscretion, Mr. Berry served two years (or so). And finally and much later in life, Chuck ran afoul of the law once more when he was caught surreptitiously taping women in the bathroom of his nightclub. For that, he was fined only and served no time unlike with his two previous dalliances. Continue Reading

Before you get the wrong idea here…I’m not talking about sports franchises like the Knicks finally figuring out how to put together anything but a complete embarrassment. This is about attracting the right mix of girls to work at a Korean place so that the house succeeds both financially and socially. And sometimes, the latter can be more difficult!

The obvious part is easy. Be a popular owner so girls want to work for you…fix the place up nice…and locate yourself centrally where the clients work so they can duck out at lunch or before going home for the evening. But when we get to the girls themselves? This is where it can get complicated. Continue Reading

jazmines212-371-0623Often when I run up on cute girls in the escort business who I think should have a decent life (at least financially) but don’t even though they’re plenty hot enough to earn a handsome living, I try to advise them on how to handle their affairs and maintain some dignity while doing what they’re doing. Like with my taxi newspaper employer many years ago, I take them on as projects. I know how to manage my shit – and I don’t see why somebody else who really does earn enough to live well can’t do the same thing. Yeah, right! Good luck with that one!

So recently, I got close enough to a girl who by all rights should be a millionaire at this point in time. But attempting to help her for just one day, I found out in a hurry why she isn’t! Check it out! Continue Reading