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  1. Too bad it took so long, he should have been punished a long time ago. I guess his group that squashed yhe original problem isn’t around anymore.

  2. If Bill Cosby is such a loser, then why are all these women waiting until now to open their mouths? Why? because they were afraid that no one would ever believe them? Bullshit!!! If you know a wrong has been done to you, it doesn’t matter who the person is. You suck it up and say something! It may be tough to deal with the stigma, but you’re a better person for standing up and making yourself heard. Also, what do you hope to gain by coming forward now? A little late aren’t we ladies?
    As we all know, the statute of limitations is relatively short for this type of crime. If these women had wanted to leave an impact, they should’ve spoken up then. All you have now is another case of he said, she said(or rather, they said). But it also begs the question so poignantly asked by the late Sir Alec Guinness: “Who’s the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?” Not blaming the victim here, but sometimes it’s better to pass on the drink and walk away rather than sit back and bide on it for thirty something years. Even if it IS Bill Cosby.
    And while we’re on the subject of full-grown pricks who exploit women, let’s talk about Hugh Hefner and Joe Francis and at least half the rappers in the industry today who have made or actively iron out a living from exploiting women. What kind of filthy underhanded shit have they gotten away with and why isn’t anyone speaking up about them?? Years from now it’s gonna be the very same story that we’re hearing now. “Oh, I was just afraid no one would believe me.” or perhaps the latter, “I’m waiting until they’re old and grey so I can get in the last word”.
    If in fact Bill Cosby is guilty of these heinous accusations, that’s something that he has settle with the women and God Himself. Call him an asshole if you want, but how many other icons fall under that category, whether it be ‘alcoholic’, ‘drug abuser’, ‘wife beater’, ‘womanizer’, ‘money miser’, self absorbed narcissist’ or ‘deadbeat parent’? A lot of people read Tina Turner’s autobiography and read about how Ike supposedly used her as a punching bag. Although Ike would call it a gross misrepresentation, the majority accepts Tina’s words as fact. But, that doesn’t mean that Tina couldn’t have embellished a little. Maybe we would have benefitted more from hearing Ike’s side.
    Why is there air? So people can talk a lotta shit about people who are no different from you or I without hearing all the facts.

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