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  1. Recently was weighing the idea of answering a request from an agency for apartments to rent to host out of. I manage buildings in the city and considered suggesting some available apartments that would be possible to use discretely so as to avoid detection. Got cold feet at the end because I didn’t want any chance at it coming back to me even if I was just suggesting apartments to rent.

    One thing left off of your list that seems to work well these days is AirBnB. Rent out an apartment for a week or 2 and get out before the neighbors can really catch on. Comes out to less than a hotel and as long as you clean up and keep the apartment owner from knowing what went on you can stay well reviewed on their website which is required for future rentals. Only works for those who can pass for upstanding members of society but a good compromise between a lease and a hotel.

    • I actually considered adding the Air bnb facet to the story to update what was 10 years old but got lazy after referencing Seattle and didn’t bother. But you’re right. The air bnb thing is relevant.There was a guy who sublet everything available on Craigslist and then resublet to tourists and escorts. But I don’t know if he’s around anymore. Rumor had it he got arrested – on what charge I’m not sure. Anyway…you did the right thing. A slippery slope in my estimation.

  2. Many of the asian places in nyc have been around in the same locations for years
    I guess they are commercial leases
    Do you think they pay “protection” money to LE or service the local officers so they leave them alone?

    • When I wrote that, the girls didn’t use data bases so they got busted more and had to move around. But no, I don’t think they’re paying anybody off. Like 99.99% positive.

  3. So if LE and eveybody else knows about these places
    Why doesnt some aspiring detective run more stings on these places since they are technically illegal
    How are they allowed to cont to operate in the same places for years ?
    Is LE just incompetant or lazy or noone cares?

    • Hard to get in with the data base. PLus…so many fish…and just so many vice cops to get the job done. And mostly, you don’t hear about it when it happens. The girls don’t want it broadcast – here or anywhere else.

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