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  1. One escort informed me that the great majority of the women are either gay or bi. Very few hetero. I never could prove one way or another as I am not aware if a survey was ever conducted on a wide scale.

  2. Most girls who are bi want a relationship with a Man because they feel more protected and cared for by a Man it’s a different dynamic. They are attracted to a Woman’s beauty and their way of understanding them usually better. However if a Man is attractive, good shape and can fuck em well and satisfy them sexually and listen to em they will fall in love with the Man also. I find bisexual people to be greedy they want both sexes to choose from. Gay Women well a decent amount of them say there isn’t such thing as bisexual, you are either gay or straight. They may just enjoy qualities from both sexes but they lean towards one more.

    I’ve dated so called bisexual girls before 3 to be exact all 3 after i dated them are now fully heterosexual 2 i know never get involved with Women anymore 1 im not sure but her relationships are with Men. Women get discouraged with Men well unapologetic Men im one of them usually lol and or again are attracted to a Womand beauty and that understanding but yeah i would understand why a Woman who sees many Men for money would either be gay or bisexual. A lot of these Women have been molested or worse at an early age . That along with seeing Men in the room whom they most likely wouldnt see in real life can and does drive them to the arms of another Woman.

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