1. The problem with older providers is that they never come close to posting their real ages. So if they say they are in their 40’s, they could very well be 60.

      • Yup, Maxine in mid-town, who’s been in NYC forever (remember Vintage Pink), her ads have said 26 the entire time. Never changes.

        BTW: She’s still awesome.

  2. I guess I have become American…
    I have started the “hobby” in my 40s and I have had mostly poor experiences with younger providers. Maybe the vibe “I’m so hot all I have to do is lay there” does not do it for me. I now look for providers over 25. (25 list means 30+ real?) with better luck.
    In addition I’m freaked out about the possibility of getting involved in an underage case, so that gives me some small piece of mind.

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