2 comments on “A BUM’S LIFE

  1. Taxes, it;s like this…ever wonder why they have uncomfortable wooden chairs and the A/C works in their office but not too well in the waiting room. Why you have to wait an hour on the phone to speak to them? Because they do not want you to be comfortable. They, the IRS and also include the NYS tax dept, the court system, want to make an example out of you.

    Not just you Bill, anyone that gets their name into the system. They WANT you to go tell all your readers how bad of an experience it was. They want you to scare everyone you know. The same way the mob beats the crap out of a guy that borrows and doesn’t pay back. Its called intimidation and it works really well. They want everyone to say WOW did you see what they did to that guy? !

    So it isn’t you personally, don’t take it that way, its you the guy that didn’t pay taxes. You are a threat. What is everyone did what you did. OK enough said…. you did the wrong thing and now you are getting your ass kicked. Open your mouth and take your medicine.

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