4 comments on “A DIFFERENT TIME AND A DIFFERENT RESULT (A Vagina Monologue)

  1. I have to agree with you on not really understanding women. A few years ago, while being entertained by a courtesan in one of those legal brothels in Nevada, I experienced the rare pleasure of making her squirt. She immediately freaked out, got up and walked around the room in tears, and when she got back down with me, she turned her back to me and wouldn’t let me touch her for awhile. When I asked her why she freaked out, all she would say was that she was “embarrassed.” She would not elaborate further. I was with her again the next night, but I could see that when she was ready to come, she would quickly get up and walk around, presumably to “shake off” her coming orgasm. Oh well, c’est la femme.

  2. I have a “friend” in Atlanta that I regularly see who is an absolute amazing squirter, I mean she has a rubber duvet she needs to cover the bed prior to our sexy time. Its very messy and I will say fun but in all honesty it takes me DAYS to scrub the smell out of my junk its that powerful. Smell is a hard to describe, a musty copper tasting odor. Definately a challenge (like in fear of drowning) during oral sex with her as well.

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