1. I’m sorry, Bill, but I have to go with the Hudson County Sheriff’s Dept. on this one. After viewing both videos, she seemed to be enjoying her “job” a little too much and wonder, if she is in a situation with a perp, would she forget that the perp is not looking for a dominatrix. Perhaps, a psychological evaluation may be in order to see if she has any issues with men. Although I’ve never used the services of a dominatrix (I have no desire to be dominated or humiliated), it seems to me they may really have issues with men that can border on the psychotic, especially, as you say, if it’s a “lifestyle,” and not just a money thing.

    • I actually agree with you. She shouldn’t be a police officer. Waaay too over the top. I don’t think I said she should be one. Just that there’s no legal basis to can her.

  2. I find that the psychology of a certain number of policemen is certainly suspect. Entitled, violent, demeaning, take your pick.
    Porn is defiantly a performance, and she appears to be enjoying the abuse, but then again I’m often fooled by performers, if they are half way decent. Is there any evidence that this woman has been abusive in real life? Has that stopped any male candidate from becoming a police officer?
    It sounds a lot like sex shaming.

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