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  1. The reason I find your blog interesting is that you speak with frankness.

    I have to believe your situation is more complex than unpaid taxes?
    How is it possible to squirrel away $6.5 million by running a small blog- doesn’t seem plausible.

    Is it possible this blog was a front for other nefarious activities, such as managing a string of Korean brothels…

    …On paper, the blog would look like it is collecting advertisement fees, when it reality is was collecting a piece of the pie. The blog directs people to your establishments and ba-da-bling! $6.5 million in the bank.

    I think the real (and more interesting) story is yet to come- hopefully.

    • This blog has always been a labor of love and not a big moneymaker. The real money came from selling NY Press, Village Voice, NY Magazine, Craigslist and Backpage advertising. Fifteen years of working 12 – 16 hours every day so all my clients could have their ads. The Feds know I never owned a place. I was staked out and thoroughly investigated. When they seized my computer what they found was thousands of r-rated images and photoshop files for ads I’d created – plus years of weekly ad lists for the Press, Voice, NY Mag and others. Blog advertisers paid a reasonable set fee whether the ads generated one dollar or one million dollars. On the ad agency front, I was somewhat legendary for hard work, on-time payments, and street savvy about trends in the business. The papers depended on escort ads to float their financial boat and if there were any developments, they depended on me to be ahead of the curve. Sorry to burst your bubble but I was just a pushcart sales guy.

  2. so what’s the end result? you going to the klink or just gonna pay the irs big money?

    • The IRS took my money almost 4 years ago and recently returned what was coming back pursuant to the plea bargain. Sentencing is coming next month.

  3. Sorry if you’ve addressed this in a previous blog but I’m so curious as to how you ended up with this tax issue. You’re very knowledgeable about so many things. Surely you were aware of the high profile people brought down by tax evasion. Was it just that you were always paid under the table by New York mag and the others?

    • I gave them money and not vice versa. I had a rate with each outlet and each week I got a bill which I paid faithfully I might add. They gave me bulk rates for the ads which were much lower than the retail rate. I in turn charged the girls the retail rate or slightly below and kept the difference. Simple ad agency stuff.

  4. Right OK. And you couldn’t declare it because it was money from the girls. How did the IRS finally catch on?

    • Informed on by an advertising guy who was arrested for human trafficking. Giving me (and others) up kept him out of prison.

  5. >But what do you think would happen to STEVEN COLBERT or BILL MAHER if they spoke out as they have against an actual dictator?

    It’s almost as though our fine president isn’t really a fascist. Fancy that.

    Good luck Bill.

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