2 comments on “WHO LOOKS BETTER (Than Money In the Bank)?

  1. It’s not illegal to carry $10,000 or more when travelling domestically. Of course, she may want to put the money in her carry-on and not in checked baggage, otherwise, she might find her luggage to be $10,000 lighter when she picks it up.

  2. It’s not illegal except you are likely to lose it anyway if the government finds out about it. Anyone confused read up on civil asset forfeiture. Under rules created to allow the government to go after criminals profits, there has been an explosion of law enforcement agencies confiscating money from innocent people and demanding they prove that it was earned legally. And they aren’t charging you with a crime so you don’t have the usual protections in court. You aren’t presumed innocent because you aren’t charged, the case is against the money, so there are thousands of cases with names like “US vs $10,000.”

    However, it is expensive to go to court with the government, and the government knows this, so they will be nice and cut you a deal offering to give you back 50% of your money in exchange for signing over the rest of it to the government. Additionally, the agencies who seize the money are entitled to keep a large % of it to add to their budget, so they intentionally target people they think will have enough cash on them to seize but not so much that they will hire a lawyer to fight and get it back.

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