11 comments on “A NEW DAY – AND A NEW WEBSITE

  1. It looks like you’re getting dangerously close to returning to your old business. The only thing missing are the names and phone numbers of their massage parlors. Just what are the girls going to do with the pictures if they can’t use them on your blogsite?

    • You missed the point. Just looking to generate a photo business and nothing else. No phone number and no links = no problems. Examples of my work is all they are.

  2. When were these pics taken? Looks to be a few years old from what I can tell by Gina and Carol? Wonder whatever happened to them.

        • Oh man…that is so sad. I can’t say I knew Carol well but I’ve worked with her in the rooms a few times and seen her around when I would visit her colleagues. I know we’re just hobbyists pursuing these girls for shallow reasons, but I do wish the best for them long term and these kinds of endings after a rough, under appreciated life is just so sad.

  3. Is there an older, cached version of your former site somewhere online that would contain your last roundup? I know you’ve moved on to less troublesome pastures, but the void that now exists is painful. Backpage is an unorganized disaster. Do you realize how missed you are?

    • Probably not. Write to your local congressman – or the Eastern District DA.

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