8 comments on “BATTLE OF THE BUGS

  1. Better that you have bugs crawling on your walls as opposed to the kind that crawl in your pubes!

  2. The battle over Mosul was easier to win than your fight with roaches. Once infested, they become permanent.

    • Not entirely. About 10 years ago, I got rid of them for a few years. But then they came back and it’s been a rough row to hoe (so to speak).

  3. A question regarding the Korean ad banishment. I understand you can’t take advertisement for money. Is there any restrictions on you discussing the comings and goings, who is real and who is not, etc just like any gossip columnist would? Zero compensation? Or have a topic where others chime in with information, much like a Facebook private group post?

    This would be very useful for your readers, generate greater traffic for your other advertisements, and not run afoul of any regulators or law enforcement? Just a thought

    • The answer is yes if I were speaking to my old advertisers regularly – which I’m actually not.

  4. Milipedes are discussing but I do not think they bite. The picture is of a centipede. I was bitten by one of those few years ago overseas ang I thought I was going to die. The pain was excruciating. I still have nightmeres…
    Good luck

  5. Back in the early 80’s I was part of a summer sublet on 5th Ave by the park. The place was swanky enough. The owners summered in Europe. The exterminator came by every 3 weeks and he needed to come by every 2. The roaches in that place were worse than down south. So you have something in common with a 5th Ave apartment.

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