1. Actually “Bob” wasn’t an attorney for OJ. While he was “on the team” many suspise it was purely a technical move so that he couldn’t be called to answer questions about what happened to OJ’s suitcase. He never interrogated a witness or addressed the jury. He may have shared his legal opinions but he was never a criminal lawyer and I doubt Johnnie Cochran or F Lee Bailey would have given much weight to his opinions. Closer to home he was a founder/owner of the music trade publication “Radio and Records” which tracked music radio airplay and was an industry bible for decades in establishing the charts of best selling music. He went on to found the company “Movie Tunes” that placed music in movie theaters for exposure for artists and recording labels.

    • Duly schooled! I have to google him now. You are correct. I was thinking of Shapiro and picturing him as Kardashian. Duh on me! Anyway…Kim is still a b-list porn chick in my world. And technically, Kardashian was a lawyer at the time of the OJ trial even if he had his license reinstated just to sit next to OJ at the trial so he wouldn’t have to testify that the “suitcase” had OJ’s bloody clothing inside.

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