2 comments on “THE BIKE RIDE FROM HELL

  1. I love reading about your bike rides as I am a keen cyclist myself. I’m just starting to explore Hudson Valley and fantasize about spending a week exploring the back roads near Cold Spring. Where are your favorite routes in NY or up the Hudson?

    • I don’t bike up there – I hike. Faves are Popolopen Thorne, Anthony’s Nose, Bull Hill and Breakneck (only on weekdays). Bear Mountain is kind of crowded but the Major Welch Trail up is less-traveled – and tougher. Busy at the top as there’s a road up so you don’t have to “earn” the summit. Lots of guys bike up that road. Secondarily, there’s Beacon Mountain with a fire tower and something called Sugar Loaf (I think) next to Breakneck. For biking, US 1 is the ticket. But hilly. Be warned. Short Line runs to Bear Mountain with Anthony’s Nose and Popolopen within walking distance. The others are on the Metro North East of the Hudson route. And there are countless others up there which are reachable if you have a car.

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