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  1. What’s your take on K Girls, like an all time all star you are familiar with (let’s call her Any) who married an older white guy. It seems they are happy from the pics I’ve seen, but I wonder if he’s a client or knows of her background, especially given the number of room girls in attendance at the wedding.

    I also know of a very popular all natural (and sweet) K-girl (let’s call her Kimi) who left the biz about a year ago who started seeing one of her high finance clients. She saw him for work several times a week and decided to have a personal affair with him for the companionship. No money, no expectations, just going on dates, chatting, having sex, etc. When the client returned to his home country, it wasn’t a big deal to her, just a nice memory of somebody she could talk to about things she couldn’t with anybody else.

    She had gone out with a client once when she first started working in LA and was innocent and naive. It got complicated and she regretted doing so and told me it was a bad idea which was why she wouldn’t go out with me.

    Lo and behold she forgot that she told me she’d never date a client and told me about her second high finance boyfriend, which crushed me…which in turn made her laugh and console me at the same time. Such a sweet girl, even if she’d never go out with me. Maybe the fact that I’d worked with many of her friends doomed any possibility of that happening.

  2. Bill I wanted to get your opine on you working girl money can’t buy love theme. There were two KMP girls from the same South Korean southern port city who were pretty popular. One smoked a ciggie when she put her makeup on and you always said that made her look very sexy in a boggie sort of way. The other was an In Demand A Lister K girl who retired about 5 years ago but made a comeback not to long ago. Both of them were and are soul less money grubbers but they told me that they wanted to marry them and have my baby. Should I have been flattered with their proposal?

    • Remember a few days ago I told a story about a girl treating me like an outsider at a big ghetto hodown? That girl asked me if I wanted to have a baby with her twice in the past! I’m of the opinion that an escort will say anything she thinks will “flow” the money her way. The bottom line is that it’s almost impossible to know unless (again) they call YOU and want to spend money on YOU to be around them. THEN, you know!

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