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  1. In psychotherapy circles, you possess two very important qualities for any human being: Empathy and self-awareness. Both are unfortunately pretty rare, even more so to have both.

    Hope your pearls of wisdom are emparted on many others.

    • A. Go back to third grade and learn about contractions and use of the apostrophe.
      B. Sorry to burst your bubble but Johnny Love is real. It’s not me. For every one of you moron haters there are 10 supporters.
      C. Go fuck yourself.

  2. I just came across this article which is a few years old…an Olympic runner, successful business owner, wife, and mother who suffered from bipolar disorder and was a Las Vegas escort with a top ratings. She’s got a book on Amazon and the free sample was very interesting and touches on a lot of topics you’ve broached in the past and in this article.

    She seems unusual in that the same drive that made her an elite athlete also drove her to be the best escort she could be…a hobbyist’s dream.

    What prompted this note is that her husband fully knew what she was doing and they’d even visit cities while she was representing Disney for a running event and she would work as an escort before the events while her husband sat around knowing what she was up to! No lies there!


    And for what it’s worth, one of your “proteges” that you mentioned in the recent past about learning the ropes from you…she’s doing a very good and so much easier to deal with than some of the other headcase flakes that are still left. Beautiful, kind voice too, I wonder what she looks like. I pine for the good old days before the crackdowns…

  3. Bill is it true some of the A-List Korean girls are plying their trade as Independents using a phone girl to make hotel dates can you verify this?

    • Chanel, Victoria and Kelly are. Otherwise, not sure. Kind of out of the loop.

      • Winter has come for the dollar bill and the industry. It’s damned cold out there. Where can a traveler find a warm place to lay his head for an hour?

      • If you hear any details on Chanel and Victoria, please do share, assuming it’s safe for you to do so.

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