4 comments on “WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN

  1. If it weren’t for the Supreme Court’s political decision on the Florida recount, Gore would have won.

  2. At this point W looks a lot better than he did 6 months ago. He did make disastrous desisions that devostated the middle class and the middle east, but not every single American institution. DJT is hell bent to destroy every institution and democratic norm, and without a war (yet) has done already more damage to America than anyone ever thought possible.
    I guess Louis CK had it right all along. Let’s get this shit over with. Why wait for a long drawn decline…

  3. your initial assessment of him was spot on. He’s a nothing. Climate change, while possibly a real phenomenon, is not something we should ever trust government to fix. Gov cant deliver mail, run schools or trains or hospitals. Gov CRIMINALIZES esorting for X-sake! How can we expect gov to “save the earth” . Its preposterous. Gore is a arrogant, clueless ideologue.

  4. M
    Al Gore is a smart, thoughtful and very knowelageable person who was too much of a patriot that believed so strogly in the American system that allowed to have his election stolen. While it is true that the world climate may have been too screwed up by humans to ever be fixable by governments, what would you suggest as an alternative?
    Keep in mind that earth will be fine, but the current living species will not fare well including most humans. Any solutions?

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