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  1. If it weren’t for the Supreme Court’s political decision on the Florida recount, Gore would have won.

  2. At this point W looks a lot better than he did 6 months ago. He did make disastrous desisions that devostated the middle class and the middle east, but not every single American institution. DJT is hell bent to destroy every institution and democratic norm, and without a war (yet) has done already more damage to America than anyone ever thought possible.
    I guess Louis CK had it right all along. Let’s get this shit over with. Why wait for a long drawn decline…

  3. your initial assessment of him was spot on. He’s a nothing. Climate change, while possibly a real phenomenon, is not something we should ever trust government to fix. Gov cant deliver mail, run schools or trains or hospitals. Gov CRIMINALIZES esorting for X-sake! How can we expect gov to “save the earth” . Its preposterous. Gore is a arrogant, clueless ideologue.

  4. M
    Al Gore is a smart, thoughtful and very knowelageable person who was too much of a patriot that believed so strogly in the American system that allowed to have his election stolen. While it is true that the world climate may have been too screwed up by humans to ever be fixable by governments, what would you suggest as an alternative?
    Keep in mind that earth will be fine, but the current living species will not fare well including most humans. Any solutions?

    • Im sorry your wrong. Gore is an economically illiterate machine politician. He is basIcally a socialist. He has no real understanding of what made the US a great nation. His entire career he has sought to destroy and undermine freedom and liberty by imposIng top down coercive government programs that have been shown to fail time and again. The fact that you bill a thoughtful imtelligent man or really anyone would put any trust in someone like AG to solve anything shows me how far we’ve come from any real appreciation for the principles of liberty that underly the whole concept of america and the united states. And dont mistake this criticism as some kind of support for G Bush. Or even Trump. The office and power of the president is a gross abomination . No one human beIng should ever have that much power. The idea that you think gore could have somehow wielded that power wisely or better than anyone else is preposterous . He would have been just as much a disaster as any one of the last 10 presidents
      Read “anatomy of the state ” by Murray Rothbard. Read Mises and Hayek “road to serfdom”
      Read “democracy the god that failed” by hans hoppe
      Visit the website : mises.org
      Educate yourself
      Understand how you have been victimized and extorted and robbed by your own government
      A government to which al gore and other creeps like him have belonged their entire lives

    • And by the way ask yourself this? Who has all those atomic weapons that could wipe out the planet? Its not pepsico or apple its …. its the US government! And others
      Show me where al gore ever made a stand against nuclear weapons or came out strongly for disarmament? Could it br that his career was funded by donations from major defense contractors in tenessee ? How about the fact that he was in the pocket of the military industrial complex.
      I would say the presence of 20,000 plus H bombs is a greater threat to humanity than some nebulous and lets he honest unproven idea that we are in some terminal runaway global greenhouse gas apocolypse

    • And what do taxpayers get for all this malinvestment? Not much, other than to see a few eco-warriors line their pockets, skipping town before the bills come due.

      Speaking of which, Al Gore recently became richer than Mitt Romney not by inventing a new product or service that vastly reduces our carbon footprint, not by backing a slew of successful startups that did the same, but by selling the eyeballs of his fellow Americans to Arab oil interests. The derisive laughter coming from right wing fever swamps over the Al Jazeera sellout is deafening, as the chagrined mainstream media serves up nothing but crickets. Talk about crony capitalists who fake left and go right. Big Al had a net worth of perhaps $2 million when he left the White House and now stands to make $100 million in one transaction. And not a cleantech deal, mind you.

      After signing up with storied venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers to be the chief rainmaker for their strategy to get rich by investing in companies that combat global warming, the former veep led them into a series of disastrous “alternative energy” investments that has made KP a laughing stock. Yet through the magic of VC management fees, our Nobel Prize-winning inventor of the Internet came out smelling like a rose, despite the fact that the pension funds and university endowments that bought into his half-baked schemes had their heads handed to them. You can’t make this stuff up.

      So ask yourselves, saviors of the planet, why do you fall so easily, time and again, for crony capitalists’ too-good-to-be-true schemes designed to feast on public dollars? Wouldn’t a wee bit of skepticism be in order when setting public policy? Don’t you want this technology to actually work? For all our sakes, when doing your due diligence can you at least pretend that the money being flushed down a rathole is your own?

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