1. It always is a womens right to establish parameters . I always go to see a girl knowing what she will do. However if a house has certain parameters on what a girl employed by them should do and that said girl does not comply, well she knows what type of place she is working at and if she doesnt do that with no clients, then she should go elsewhere for employment

    • Agreed. Just pointing out the reality. I didn’t expect this to be a popular post.

  2. I 100% agree with you Bill. Just like any business, I think it’s the ladies’ right to turn down what she deems as unreasonable for her. She should have the power, without retribution, to not take the money and decline. If you’re not satisfied, you can always take your money elsewhere. Like to think most people are decent but poor girls sometimes need to deal with jackasses. If you really want to have a true GFE experience, then do what I do… dress nice, smell good, and be a gentlemen! They really warm up to you fast and that’s worth the price of admission alone.

    Now be honest, how many of us on this forum can switch roles with the girls, and take ANY chucklehead that walks through the door.

  3. From the LE check onward, the “factory” model is based on one acronym. While I respect the right of any lady to not offer that accommodation, I question the judgment of anyone who signs up to work at the factory if they are not comfortable with the parameters.

    • And that parameter would be characterized by the following acronym: YHTBASSTSWU! (You have to be a serious slut to succeed with us.) But your point is well-taken. Any girl who signs on and thinks she can get away with setting her own parameters is in for a rough road.

  4. Bill your site has been neutered and repackaged due to your misfortune with the Feds but it’s still a dam good read!

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