1. Absolutely.

    I’ll go a step further. Why didn’t Ashley Judd and all those others come out with their stories right after it happened? The answer is pathetically simple: they did not want to kill their careers in Hollywood. So much for feminism…or the safety of those who would follow.

    I don’t want to be construed as being sympathetic to Harvey in the least, but fair is fair. Where’s all the condemnation at Saturday Night Live, or at any of the “Late Nights with who the fuck ever?” Anyone…anyone…Bueller…Bueller…?

    I suppose that I shouldn’t be so indignant, but the sound of silence here is deafening! What is excruciatingly evident is that where sacred cows graze…character, honor and courage appear to take a back seat.

    I hope that everyone of those SNL players never, and I mean NEVER, gets to use their Saturday Night stewardship as a spring board to fame and fortune. They do not rate it!

  2. Could it be that since he used his position of power, there was not enough imbalance there since she already was a star.
    There is the possibility that some starlets were reluctantly willing to exchange sex for fame, and that empowered him.

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