1. Wow, thanks for the update. Any idea what happened to Miki at Twinkle? Or Lisa / Love on 6th Ave and 17th St? I hope they’re not caught up in this mess…

    • Twinkle had just one owner and it wasn’t Miki. So she wasn’t prosecuted. Where she went I have no idea. 17th Street had only one owner who was prosecuted (Cindy). I believe her case is still pending (according to the phone girl I ran into). Sadly, I no longer speak to any of these people since I shut down the ads on the blog with the exception of one old phone girl who I haven’t spoken to for a while.

  2. I spoke with Miki a few months after the busts and she seemed to be doing well and not caught up in this, but I couldn’t get much more out of her, so wasn’t sure. She had a good head on her shoulder and a nice family back in Korea, so I’m hoping she’s moved on to better things.

    I don’t recall Cindy too well, but I’ve seen Lisa / Love since she first started at Unicorn years ago. She only started working the rooms after things didn’t work out with her fiance of several years, very sad.

    I suspect she never got the glowing reviews because she was all natural with small perky tits, but she was one of my all time favorites and saw her almost monthly. Hope she’s well.

    • You obviously were close with girls I only knew or simply met in passing. My relationships/dealings were with phone girls and owners. My line about not having been in the room with an Asian provider for literally years was not bull shit. The girls who worked in the room knew who I was because guys would come in and mention Dollar Bill. But they didn’t know me.

  3. Whatever happen to Ms. Kim, she was the phone girl for VIP Asian on 46 street, later opened her own place on 33 street and worked as Jolie. Did she get into trouble with the feds as well.

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