1. Bill, I own a country house (three bedrooms) in Ellenville just down the street from Neville and Tammarack Lodge. You are welcome anytime to use it for a weekend!

    Spent many weekends in mid seventies through summer of 1981 at Kutchers, The Concord, Rocking Horse Ranch, Sunnycroft Ponderosa and more! Most likely even saw you perform at some point! You are correct about Saturday nights. That was always the big night when they would have “A” list talent (most likely a well known comic) performing and everyone would dress up in their finest and their would be an electric buzz running through the resort begining in afternoon through dinner and up to show time (two shows, early and late)!

  2. A large casino is opening in February. I think it will be on the grounds of the former Concord.

    You might have another chance to play there.

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