1. I’ve had many dates on What’s Your Price and it’s a real mixed bag…from girls just wanting to take your cash and food and bail as soon as possible, to sweet 18yo Columbia/NYU/Parsons/Rutgers/Hunter students who need cash and are curious/rebelling.

    The most amazing thing is that some college/early 20s girls do this and get their friends to do it and there doesn’t seem to be much stigma in it. I’d date (i.e. hookup with) one college girl and even talk about the fact that I was on a date (hookup) with her friend a few days before. And they’d tell me about the kinds of dates they’ve been on and how far they’ve gone with different guys, etc.

    On a different note, for those interested, I’ve heard through the grapevine that legendary Pinky, with her amazing perfect toned body and tan skin tone, who retired upon getting married (maybe 4-6 years ago?) is divorced and back in business, except she’s in Hawaii now.

    The more recently disappeared Aqua, who also had an amazing body and beautiful face, who is also back in biz in Hawaii. Along with other legends like Cherry/Lexy, Sugar, etc., makes me want to make a trip there…

    • That’s where the money is! They probably figure it’s safer there, too. But Hawaii IS a state in the union. And they do have a federal DA. Who knows? Maybe he has better things to do.

    • Sorry if it’s a dumb question but are you saying that the girls that don’t bail will then tell you the price for hooking up? Or are you actually charming these 18 year old’s into bed? In which case god bless!

      • Sorry, just saw this question. I’m sure some will ask for a per hook up price, but I haven’t had much of that.

        More likely, I’ve had girls ask a price for an “arrangement” but I never went along bc it’s a huge time suck and who knows how much I’ll be out when they want to go shopping. It’s like signing up for a subsription service for a gym you rarely go to and get sick of after a few workouts.

        Mostly, the girls I kept seeing, I’d pay them per date (generally about $100) with zero said about what they would do, but I just got a vibe I could get somewhere with them and then sometimes we’d hookup. Depending on the girl, vibe, and their situation, I might give them something and then that would be the understanding going forward. When it became kind of transactional, then I’d feel ok talking about hooking up with other girls and who they hooked up with etc, but honestly that’s a pretty rare thing.

        Sometimes, it felt wrong to give them anything so we’d basically be kind of dating, until the girl wised up and realized that kind of arrangement wasn’t going to go anywhere.

        For what it’s worth, I’m in great physical shape and look early 30s, so that might help with getting the more upscale, college girls.

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