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  1. That sounds more like an issue with your supermarket itself, and just general modern day customer service. It’s the regular supermarket employees who do the grocery selection and process the order. So your average stock boy goes through the store picking everything out and brings it up to the cashier. If the store was smart they would make sure those orders are done well because they get a markup on items. But you will never have a store employee shop exactly how you want them to.

    The charge issues are definitely on instacart, but that’s the type of service I’ve come to expect from most internet companies these days.

    • I got a good guy on the phone and supposedly, they’ve issued the proper credit. We’ll see. But you’re right. The delivery mistakes are on the supermarket guys. Doesn’t matter. I’m done. I don’t have a problem shopping for myself.

  2. the secret is just to use it for easy stuff–like apple juice or toilet paper.

    PS I cant believe a big wheel like you doesnt use tide. It’s the shit.

    • I like natural apple juice. I could easily get the clear stuff from a brain-dead stock person. As for Tide…I tried it once (it’s actually 3 or 4 times as expensive as the cheap stuff) and I wasn’t impressed. So I went back to generic which granted is a little diluted, but still a better value than Tide. Just my opinion based on experience.

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