1. Not much better at Dollar Tree either….had it out with Ghetto trash cashier, told her I would contact their CEO, smirked and was not the least bit phased. Worst part of this story is writing a formal letter to a CEO with no response back and that was a follow up to a complaint made on their their own website which also went unanswered. Read comments on sites like Yelp, etc., does anybody high up read this stuff ??? Unreal !! But conversely, Trader Joe’s only hires enthusiastic staff and it shows as they pay far above the minimum wage. In general, the corporate culture has much to do with the behavior of the underlings…

  2. If I were being paid a sub-livable wage, I might just be copping an attitude as well. I mean, what do you expect? You can’t live on $13 per hour…not in New York, anyway. Unless you’re living with two or three roommates and traveling an hour and a half, or more, on our “wonderful” mass-transit system every day, all while subsisting on Ramen Noodles…$13 ain’t going to cut it.

    I get what you’re saying about the woman’s attitude and, yeah, it isn’t your problem…or is it?

    You got a complaint, Bill, make it to K-Mart for being a modern day slaver. Then maybe they will do whatever Trader Joe’s is doing to keep their employees and, by default, their customer’s happy. I remember reading not too long ago that Trader Joe’s pays their employees $20 per hour…Now THAT’S THE REAL MINIMUM WAGE IN NEW YORK!

    • I was commenting more on her competence than attitude. She was way more incompetent than rude.

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