4 comments on “RAW DOG DONALD

  1. The thing I find surprising is apparently Stormy and Donald had very “generic” sex in only 1 position. I mean, how do you have sex with a porn star and NOT put her in every position imaginable??

    Every guy has these images floating around in their heads from years and years of watching porn that they’d like to live out one day and this guy has sex with an ACTUAL porn star and only goes 1 position (missionary I’m guessing)???

    I dunno, maybe it’s just me..

    • Missionary is the best position for old guys to maintain a hard-on. Take it from one who knows!

  2. Porn star lie to make a “name” for itself? Nah, never would happen, would it?

    Bwaa ha ha!

    • I believe her. She said she could “definitely describe his junk” emphatically. And Stormy, her friend (who she spoke with the next night), and her boyfriend (who also knew about the rendezvous) all passed lie detector tests. Plus Trump loves blondes and pussy. What’s not to believe? Now if it were a BLACK porn star? Then I would have my doubts.

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