1. Well Billy Boy… this is what memories are made of. This is Rick. I just wanted to see how you are doing. I remember a similar situation. I was working as a waiter at the Concord.
    The band was pretty good, the guitar player Wayne and I got along. We jammedot the Allman Bros a lot, which was brand new then, and Santana. I became the other guitarist in the band. Ah Kaplan’s in Monticello now there was a corn beef sandwich. And Bubbles at the Wayne County Fair who could suck anything into her pussy, hence the name Bubbles.

    One night this guy was listening to us play, he said if you play Stormy by the Classics IV Ill give you a hundred bucks. No problema… Turns out it was Shecky Greene. And guess what… he could really sing well. Ah the good old days, yesterday I watched a marathon of 77 Sunset Strip. It was black and white and great. Well Chanel blacklisted me because her phone girl fucked me up three times so I did a no show. Somehow after phone girl asked me to come later because Chanel was eating pizza I lost it. TER seems there are several sites nosing in on the their biz, still posting reviews. So how are you… case closed?

  2. My parents took me there as a kid! That fact that you say the guy liked country music makes me think it might have been the same band. Did you guys do “Jamabalya”, Eddie Rabbit? Juice Newton? that kind of stuff?

    • I don’t remember doing Jambalaya. But we did do “Queen of Hearts” and “I Love a Rainy Night.” Funny. I can give you the date: Summer 1981.

    • I just went into my file cabinet and found the pay stubs from Charles and Lillian Brown’s Hotel. The gross pay was $275 plus $45 worth of room and board which was figured in for FICA deductions. My first pay stub was for the week ending 8/15. I actually worked a grand total of 24 days over a 4 week period. So if you went before August 9th, you saw my predecessor. But it sounds like you actually saw the band I played in. Wild.

  3. We always went at the end of the summer, so it was definitely you. I guess with all your years of gigs and all your readers, this was bound to happen at some point!

    • Several years ago, I was doing grand jury duty and the guy next to me was a blog reader (this blog). It happens.

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