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  1. Unfortunately, it seems that human training is the new term used for all pay for play. We’re rapidly de-evolving in many ways. Logic, facts and reason are increasingly becoming irrelevant.

  2. Thanks Bill.
    as is custom I look to you for clarity.
    sex work is work.

  3. stopping the freedom to advertise will have some effects here in the USSA [sic], however like carrying a cup of water in your hand, all of it is bound to pass through your fingers. the law cannot stop human nature and desire, see the drug, alcohol and immigration issues. people will find a way and it will trickle down to the lowest user eventually if it does not actually start there as is often the case. websites will be hosted in free countries and VPN’s will be used to bypass the TER USSA [sic] restrictions and the workarounds will go on and on. there is actually a partial reason for this. escorting on the web exploded with the web, the easy money of the tech boom (to pay escorts for services) and the customer base being as a group at the peak earning and spending years. this customer base is also older and perhaps needs less service. this has past for them and the economy so there is less enthusiasm for the service. like your previous post mentions in one venue, now additionally on the consumer grade websites, quality has been going down from the absolute beauties to marginal. what we are seeing here is a last gasp of traditionalism, more trad-con, from a dying group. in less in a decade, this will fade away and it will be much more open than we could have ever imagined. remember our sitting president who supports this with the ethos of Alpha-in-Chief was mostly a pay for play. his modeling agencies with the Eastern European girls and his eventual fee-for-service wife serviced his baseline sexual appetite. money and influence changed hands, no doubt. this last gasp is nothing more than politics in a contracting market reminding middle and lower class men that they are not part of the power structure. a lot of things that the rich did became accessible to the middle and lower classes over the past few decades. this is an overall reversal of the trend. in all areas, expect the money class to start closing out the new arrivals. it is done with parks, property taxes and prostitution in all of history. and this reversal will end as quickly as it began.

  4. So does this mean the AMP’s are not allowed to have their websites up anymore?
    Is there somewhere else to see listing or links to their sites?

    • I believe the coming federal FOSTA law is designed specifically to enable law enforcement to effectively prosecute user-generated sites like Backpage. Of course, they’d like to kill off the entire industry but I don’t think sites that simply exhibit girls with no mention of rates or services will be within the law’s purview.

  5. More Democratic scumbags apparently

    “The owners of the website have given tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats in recent years, including a Super PAC backed by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the failed presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, Democratic candidate for governor in Arizona David Garcia, and the Arizona Democratic Party.”

    • Looks like you’re another victim of fox news and/or talk radio brainwashing. Citizen trump (another scumbag) also made contributions to some of the same politicians. Just so you know, both the House and Senate bills (FOSTA & SESTA) were initiated and introduced by republicans (you know, the party that keeps the US in the Puritan era).

  6. Wow, just saw TER is locked down. Wow! Hopefully P411 survives! They just emailed everyone and said as they are Canadian based they don’t see any issues hopefully.

  7. I hope you are right but the law prohibits managing a site that promotes prostitution. So the website host is a at risk. The law is so broad that it will probably be overturned on appeal but that could take a long time.

  8. Bill, question for you.

    If the Feds had no idea who you were and the past nightmare had never occurred (including April ’16), would this new law be enough to force you to retire?

    In other words, would the layout you once provided have ended based upon the new law?

    • Probably not as far as the blog goes – though I’d have probably deleted all the archives and made sure whatever was left made no mention of anything that might be incriminating.

    • Eros, slixa, erotic monkey, adult search. There are a lot of little sites out there that scraped Backpage ads.

  9. Thanks for your insightful analysis of the backpage bust.

    Can you explain further what you meant by this?

    “When the feds came a knocking, they served me up on a silver platter. As did Eros.”

    • The feds called on both sites for my information and both sites gave them whatever the feds wanted rather than cite privacy issues. In effect, they said “Take him, not us. Here he is on a silver platter.”

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