1. I know where the 2 top hotties are in nyc
    2 k-girl A listers still hangin in there
    Hey bill you gona do a blog on the backpage bs that just went down?

  2. That news about Pinky really hurts, as well as the reminder about Carol. A one, two gut punch.

    Hope Pinky gets out of that intact, and I wish her all the best.

    The girls treated me well, and were good to me I wish all of them all the best.

  3. chanel is still in NYC.
    and TER just blocked access from US based IP addresses.
    ALl you have to do is use TOR or get a proxy service like this:
    so that your IP appears to originate outside the US and you can still access it.
    If US gov agencies and officials cared or understood one bit about trafficking they would walk away from all of this

  4. When Pinky became pregnant many of her K girl coworkers wanted to find a guy and do the same thing. Pinky married a younger Korean guy (The father of her child) but kept working the room at his insistence. The K girl who got pinched by the feds was interested in me and asked if I would be interested in settling down with her. She wanted to get pregnant and she wanted me to be the father.Another very popular K girl who came from the same South Korean town (Busan) also had pleaded with me to marry her and told me she wanted a baby in the worst way! I declined both offers. I would have to say most of the working K-girls in NYC (80%) have either a drinking or some form of substance abuse issue. Carol had a very bad drug problem! And most of them have some serious mental health concerns. It is an extremely rare occurrence for one of these K girls to move on from this profession and have a somewhat normal life. Bill do you remember CiCi the hot Korean girl who worked at Rainbow? She was Pinky’s close friend!

    • Does it make you uncomfortable seeing these girls if you know they have substance abuse issues or mental health concerns?

  5. Carol was really hot! Naturally Busty, small waist, great legs and a pretty face. She didn’t need any plastic surgery 100% naturalAnd best of all she wasn’t a money grubbing sneak! Unfortunately she wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and she suffered from depression who had a drug and alcohol problem.

  6. Deano, can you describe the CiCi you mentioned at Rainbow? Did she stop working in the NYC around 2008?

    • @Joe Yes CiCi retired about that time. I remember reading Bills blog at the time, apparently a Korean doctor saw CiCi’s ad on Backpage and went to see her. He offered her a chance to retire at his expense and she moved into his Manhattan apartment. But the funny thing was she was still working( A Few Days A Week) at Honey Honey. He found out and understandably got pissed of! A few years later I discovered she was good friends with the NYC Legend K-Girl Pinky. I saw Pinky and asked her how she was doing, Pinky said that CiCi retired and went back to school and that she never moved in with her DR Sugar Daddy.Pinky said the Doctor boyfriend story was total B.S.I tend to believe Bills CiCi’s story (retirement version) more than Pinky’s! CiCi was hot, 5′ tall skinny but great curves, nice ass,34D implants and a cute face. I hope Bill can post a picture of her!

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