1. took a long time to get bonded out? and since you’re being so forthcoming (which is amazingly interesting!!), would love to hear about the actual arrest.

    • I’ll get there. This will be an ongoing saga (about The Tombs anyway). I was given a 72 surety bond which means whoever bails me out has to jump through hoops to prove the money is “clean.” That takes numerous phone calls, emails, texts, submissions, notarization etc. before I can be released. That’s why I marinated for a week – as did the owners who actually made money from this conspiracy which I DID NOT!!! Just to be clear if anybody in the DA’s office is reading. The role they claim I played is grossly exaggerated and I suspect comes directly from an informant who posts liberally on TNA Board – or the content he posts on that same site. Which is interesting because at one time, it has been alleged by a very reliable source that the same individual was seeing girls half price in exchange for reviews on TER. A capable DA could prosecute HIM for promotion I would think.

  2. What is the TNA board??

    And your incarceration was a result of your IRS situation???

    Why couldn’t you make bail right away?? Why didn’t they just give you an ankle bracelet as opposed to prison?? And unrelated, how did you like that Times Square book from the library??

    Tommy X

    • No, nothing about the IRS. Tnaboard.com is the site url. Guys talk about girls they’ve seen. A 72 hour surety bond is designed to keep guys in for a while and ensure that the money that bails them out is earned legally. Ankle bracelets are for federal defendants. Mine was a state charge. Don’t recall the Times Square book.

  3. Surprised to read that the CO’s were civil. Glad to hear that as their image is to the contrary.

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