1. Looks like something is up with GC.
    Been MIA for 2weeks.
    Heard anything?

      • Both cases messed up. What 2 (or more) consenting
        Adults choose to do with thier time should be thier business.

        We should rally.

  2. Jesus, Bill. The Feds get two-thirds of your net worth; you loose the Side Bar on this site, and you cannot answer questions of where so-and-so ended up after the Great Korean Provider Raids of April, 2016. I thought you completely divested yourself from the game. Seriously, man…keep your head down, Unless, of course, you’ve got a yen for dueling with the authorities in which case have at it…though I wouldn’t advise it.

  3. OK, first of all, I don’t know what went down…I only know what little you related to on this website, and I was just speaking in general terms. Everything you said may be all well and true but, whether you like it or not, you’re a known quantity to “Five-Oh” now. It doesn’t matter that you’re innocent and, what’s more, I’m sure the DA doesn’t give a shit, either. They’re going to cull as many as they can and pad their conviction percentage for all it’s worth. Perception is everything in the eyes of the law and especially in front of a jury. And, lest we forget, you’ve got one strike working against you.

    Look, I wasn’t attacking or accusing you above. The point I’m trying to make is that you may be orbiting in circles where you are putting yourself in the crosshairs of those whom you’re better off not getting in view of. And, yeah, it sucks having to feel as though you’re walking on egg shells all the time; that it isn’t fair to be viewed by the DA as an easy kill, or knowing that it doesn’t matter if you’re innocent. I get that. But, clearly, you’ve just tripped another “Bouncing-Betty” and on the heels of a near miss with the Feds. Dude…what the fuck?

    Well, I hope all works out in your favor. A dismissal of charges would be nice so good luck convincing The Man that it’s not worth his time and energy to pursue the matter in court. Best wishes, Dollar Bill.

    • I agree 100%. I wasn’t offended. You should read some of the comments I’ve received. One guy actually sent like 2000 words. I knew after the first four to delete his ass. If those weren’t wasted, the rest surely were.

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