4 comments on “THE FEDERAL GRINDER

  1. If Daily News article is correct, “show that Internal Revenue Service agents seized more than $6.5 million from his various accounts. He agreed to forfeit $3.5 million for his crime, and the government will return the remainder of the seized monies.” you could flee the country and live comfortable for rest of your life. But I’m sure you have thought about it thousands of times but couldn’t for various reason. Wishing you the best on your court dates DB.

  2. I do not understand this. I specifically remember a guy who, because a Swiss Bank employee dropped dime on his hidden overseas accounts, just wrote the IRS a check and was done with the whole thing…? He was never arrested, never arraigned, never went to trial. He just opened his check book, signed on the dotted line, handed it to the IRS and said “…Here. We good? Fine.” And this guy was hiding about ten times what they got out of you. How do you explain that?

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