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    • If you Google New York State (or whatever the jurisdiction) v. the name of a defendant, you’ll sometimes find the paperwork. You can also petition the government (stuff court reporters know how to do).

  1. Hi Bill

    It’s Joe Sarno (Richard) down the block. First off, let me say how sorry I am that you’re in
    your current legal predicament. (You should really be writing your memoirs now!)
    I just read the piece in the Daily Beast (and you’re right; it’s well-written and reported) But I had no idea this prostitution beef was because of an association with Julie Moya! I had assumed
    it had to do with one of the various Korean madams you dealt with over the years.

    You might or might not remember that I knew Corinne somewhat and I had recommended that she get back in touch with Julie since the independent escorting thing wasn’t working so well for her.
    I read somewhere on TNA that Corinne passed away. That was a jolt (if true).

    Anyway keep writing (and reading) and good luck with the sentencing.

  2. Wow! What a waste. I know you didn’t care for her – I came to realize she was a real piece of work myself – but she was intelligent and educated. She was also really negative.

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