One comment on “ART IMITATING LIFE

  1. I miss your Old Blog and the Korean action in general. In many ways I felt it help keep me an others…well, safer and more informed. It wasn’t entirely a crap shoot if I called one of the girls profiled here back then. Something the authorities don’t seem to get it that this is very much a two way street.

    I’ve always avoided anyone who even remotely seemed to be pimped, trafficked, or using in any way. With me it was GFE/Independent or a reputable house. With the Koreans, they were fastidious about personal appearance and hygiene. When the Feds lowered the boom a couple years ago, they may have saved some unfortunate souls, but casting such a wide net really seems to have had the effect of hauling in more dolphin than tuna…so to speak.

    At some point in this country, we really need to have a mature and elevated reckoning of this issue.

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