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  1. Bill, I follow your website and posts regularly, always appreciate the work. This is actually the first time I’m commenting however I’m looking for your help. I got ripped off like nothing you’re ever seen…or maybe have seen. I find this chick named “Joy” on backpage. This chick is so slick. She has you meet her at an upscale hotel that chit chats for a bit. After you place the donation on the table, she asks to go have a drink at the bar and she’ll meet me downstairs (the hotel bar) after she “freshens up”. Well BULLSHIT. I wait…5 minutes…10 minutes…15 minutes and nothing. I text her – nothing. I call her – nothing. At this point I look like a jackass because I ordered two drinks and its sitting on the table. I pay the damn tab and I head back up stairs and she texts me saying she’s downstairs, I said I came up because you took a long time and she texts me asking if I’m playing with her. So I go back downstairs, she’s not there, and she says then SHE came back upstairs and that I’m really playing games with her. I said no, wait there and I’ll just come up. Nothing. I waited and waited and she kept saying she was at the bar getting a drink because I wasn’t there. I went downstairs…nothing. I ask the bartender if anybody was waiting for me and he said no. I went back up to the hotel room and kept ringing the bell, I could hear someone either taking a shower or doing something inside but she stopped returning the texts and didn’t answer the door. Her last text was saying “goodnight she doesn’t have time for games”. I can’t fucking believe it – this is the first time this has happened to me, I lost $250 (and even before I came she said stay for an hour it’ll be more fun than 1/2) and I fell for it. What do you think Bill? This is her ad: http://manhattan.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/im-backupscale-cutie-with-a-great-bodycall-me-23/51308700

  2. You are 200% correct!

    I stopped watching pro sports when I found out how much the owners (and players) make from hawking all the stuff they do. Not sure why I need to support the drug and wife-beating habits of multi-millionaires.

    And college sports are even worse. Dopey kids get delusional with hopes for playing pro-ball and are treated worse than some crack whore. Its shameful and just goes to show you how high and mighty the Ivory tower crowd is.

  3. great as a former college player i love this article bill, i went to Boston College and skipped playing my last 2 years to finish my accounting Degree, my body went thru hell but thank the lord im still breathing, i was lucky i had a full ride but they treat you like a circus act every week during the season traveling and practicing in different cities

  4. Sorry Bill,

    You are wrong about this. Not about the NCAA and the colleges being blood suckers. You’re dead on there.

    But the NFL being OK because the players are well paid? Nonsense! Do the math. The owners, TV networks and sponsors make the real money. What the players get is a pittance in comparison.

    Need proof? Roger Goodell made $44 million last year. How much did Peyton Manning make? Tom Brady? They didn’t do that much combined! And Goodell works for the owners. If the hired help made that much how much do you think the bosses made?

    As fans we love the NFL but make no mistake. It’s the Roman Empire redux. Bread and circus and the players are the gladiators. We love it and we should feel badly about that… because it sucks.

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