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2012-10-05 16.34.37I received a call this morning from a woman who was literally beside herself with stress after traveling from the Upper East Side in the 70’s to Midtown in the 40’s – and back – as part of doing an outcall. Now this seems like a nothing commute. So why all the drama? Well first off, the woman is a drama queen. But that’s not the whole story.

Wishing to arrive on time (which this girl never does), she hailed a yellow outside her door and within just a few blocks found herself in a traffic gridlock. Forty five minutes and twenty bucks later she arrived to the call frazzled beyond description no doubt from being very late…and twenty bucks poorer. The date went alright (I assume) because the guy (after hearing her story) called Uber (which she called “Hoover.” Too funny! You’re the Hoover…not the for-hire vehicle or the driver) so she could go back home free-of-charge and in style. Guess again! Continue Reading