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BoredBusinessManA long time ago, I wrote a piece for Action magazine titled “The Do’s and Don’ts of Incall Etiquette.” In it I covered the usual crap (shower, shave and be nice) and added that even if you hate women deep down inside, a guy can still elicit the girl’s best by ¬†feigning a healthy love for all members of the opposite sex. After all, he only need keep the show up for 60 minutes…and in so doing, will have a much better time with his chosen mate.

I relate this today because last night I was on the phone with an old girlfriend and while listening to her usual banal conversation, wondered why this girl can’t pretend to be interesting for 60 minutes. She knows exactly what I hate in her (or she should) and could herself elicit what she wanted from me by simply presenting herself in such a way as to not kill my hard-on with all her boring, gossipy, drama-ridden bull shit. Continue Reading