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I know I occasionally snap on the girls for being irresponsible, sloppy or unappreciative. But there are an equal number of times when I’ll be their advocate as well. Take the issue of what a girl is willing to do in the room with a stranger. That’s a woman’s choice if you ask me! The “our body ourselves” feminist motto is one with which I’m in total agreement.

First and most obvious  and at its inception, the credo addresses a woman’s right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. But today I expand the concept to include an escort’s right to do what she wants – and conversely refusing to do what she she doesn’t want to do – with her customers. (It’s her body and she has the right to do only what feels comfortable with – and nothing more.) After all, it’s an accepted reality that escort work carries very little dignity…and as undignified as the work is (though it can be very profitable), it’s my opinion that a girl should be able to establish her parameters with a customer without having to answer for it on some review board or other. Continue Reading

s_53ffccf9fe9a2b7edb101e2fIt happened again a few nights ago. It’s been a while…but I received an offer I can refuse. After visiting who I would most accurately term an FWB (friend with benefits), I passed out after the fun for a couple of hours while she did whatever she does in the comfort of her apartment (mostly chain smoke). At some time before dawn, I was awakened by “Bill, you have to get up!”

Now I’m a pretty light sleeper and you don’t have to shake and yell at me to get a rise out of old Bildo. So I was alert within seconds and pulling my shit together. I mean…I’d have rather slept a little longer. But I was prepared to hop on the iron steed and repair to my own crib with nary a whimper when she hit me with the offer: “You can crash in the bed” (in the other room) “but I have to work.” Continue Reading