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impressive-bedrooms-with-brick-walls-15Guys! Would you rather have a girl with a phat booty or a big chest? Girls: A handsome broke guy or a not-so-good-looking man with a big wallet? And how about heredity versus environment? Are people fucked up becauseĀ of their genes or how and where they grew up? These are all questions for the ages.

So I was over at TWINKLE the other day and upon entering was immediately sequestered in one of the rooms because a guy was leaving. For just a minuteĀ or two I sat on the bed and with nothing else to do, took in the environment. Really nice! A Victorian chair in the corner…soft music playing from the radio…ambient soft lighting…lotions galore on the night stand…and shellacked exposed brick on the western wall. And all I could think was “Wow! This is the perfect setting.” Continue Reading