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For a “senior,” I actually embrace a lot of the new stuff my grandparents probably wouldn’t have. But reality tv – and especially the Kardashians – don’t make the list. Consider this: The entire family mythology began when the paternal Kardashian (a lawyer named Rob) successfully defended a murderer – actually getting him off for a crime his client clearly committed.

I know that every defendant is entitled to legal representation. But that doesn’t mean a lawyer can’t reject a client (unless he signs on as a public defender). It’s not like they’re cab drivers who by law must pick up every fare (unless they’re intoxicated) who waves at them. So by me, Rob (and Johnny) were whores. They knew their guy did it – but they took the big paycheck regardless. Anybody notice that they both died before their time? No, I don’t think their early demises had anything to do with their defending a murderer. But some people might. Continue Reading

sheen-261x300TWO AND A HALF MEN, once tv’s most popular sitcom, was at its core a celebration of the fast life as seen through the womanizing Charlie Harper character whose promiscuity not-so-coincidentally mirrored the life of Charlie Sheen, the actor who played him. While most of America saw both Charlie’s in a comedic light, nobody’s laughing at Sheen’s alleged HIV positive status, which ┬ásubstantiated rumor has it he’ll be revealing on the Today Show this very day! Continue Reading