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kbjI’m not kidding about this. South Korea is easily as wild and free as the good old US of A. Maybe even more so. You think we’re modern Internet junkies? South Korea has the most high speed Internet connections per capita of any country in the world! And they also have strange game shows. Back before streaming, the Korean girls used to rent Korean game show tapes many of which featured bizarre contests complete with vats of jello falling on the participants’ heads.

Well…I thought I’d seen most of what Korea had to offer in the genre until a reader sent me a link to the following video. Girls competing for who gives the best oral? Crazy! Gotta love the one girl who pretends to brush her teeth with the phallically-shaped object. And really…none looks like she’d make the grade in a you-know-what. Still…the video is worth posting just for the fun of it. The girls are too cute. Check it out! Continue Reading

tumblr_mkejpoT2lS1s9h5dko1_1280Every so often I convince one of my clients to pay a bill before the crack of say…2 PM. And what I often get when I arrive is a voyeuristic look at the girls sans make-up, eye glitter, eyelashes etc. Trust me…they don’t look quite as fetching au natural as they do in their war paint.

So last week, I had one of those experiences at a swanky Korean joint – except – one of the girls walked right into the main off-limits-to customers area (where I was convening with the manager) bleary-eyed and buck naked. I saw the girl coming down the hall and because she’s Korean, just knew that as soon as she realized Billy-ah was there, she would jump back all embarrassed and mortified about her nudity! And of course, that’s exactly what happened. Continue Reading