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article-0-0B0C100A000005DC-240_468x454It should come as no surprise that many of the American girls in the escort business have the kind of social life that guys like us can only dream of.  For starters, think of all the variety! And then consider that many escorts like members of both genders effectively doubling their opportunity! Ask yourself what happens when the girls go out clubbing. How many individuals bust a move on them? And then there’s the intramural on-the-job activity the girls have when it’s slow! It just never ends!

A while back a manager I know called me up to say she’d just seen some selfies the girls had taken from the night before. Essentially, a group of 4 or 5 were in a carnal pile satisfying  each other all while mugging for the camera. Nice! Continue Reading

impressive-bedrooms-with-brick-walls-15Guys! Would you rather have a girl with a phat booty or a big chest? Girls: A handsome broke guy or a not-so-good-looking man with a big wallet? And how about heredity versus environment? Are people fucked up because of their genes or how and where they grew up? These are all questions for the ages.

So I was over at TWINKLE the other day and upon entering was immediately sequestered in one of the rooms because a guy was leaving. For just a minute or two I sat on the bed and with nothing else to do, took in the environment. Really nice! A Victorian chair in the corner…soft music playing from the radio…ambient soft lighting…lotions galore on the night stand…and shellacked exposed brick on the western wall. And all I could think was “Wow! This is the perfect setting.” Continue Reading

The other day I was reading an old news report which referred to the owner of an escort agency as a pimp. Now according to Webster, the shoe fits. A pimp is a man who is an agent for a prostitute or prostitutes and lives off their earnings. And if this owner’s subcontractors actually did have sex in exchange for money, the definition applies. But that’s an ivory tower point of view which doesn’t really play in the real world. Allow me to explain.

A pimp is a man or woman (why Webster cites only one gender speaks a lot in and of itself) who houses, feeds, controls and sometimes physically beats his or her girls. He or she takes care of all their needs in exchange for hijacking all the money they earn. That’s a pimp! Often, the pimp will wear outrageously flashy clothing and ride around in a $100,000 car to project his or her image…though not always. A pimp can look raggedy and ride around on a bike. Just so he or she takes all the girls’ earnings…that’s a pimp. Continue Reading

6a00d83451f25369e20120a854a3f5970b-800wiAnd big fucking brass balls at that! Let me explain. My e-mail box is beginning to remind me of Facebook in that all kinds of lowlives from my past contact me like I’d ever want to hear from them again. And last night at 3 AM, sure enough, I got a message from good old Charlie Chump.

Charlie Chump is a fucking legend out in Brooklyn, a place I used to hate to sell ads because all the owners were such fucking thugs. And I don’t mean black thugs…I mean Italian thugs. Charlie was one of them, and as he was an Action advertiser (and I an employee at the magazine), I had no choice but to get on the L train and go to some God-forsaken neighborhood on the border of Brooklyn and Queens to visit the office. Continue Reading

booth17n-1-webLet’s face it. That old iconic corner phone booth is a thing of the past now that virtually everybody from the richest to the poorest owns a cell phone. So what do you do with that tiny piece of real estate which now lies fallow on the urban landscape? Well, one dumbass entrepreneur whose name isn’t worth mentioning is trying to turn it into a jerk-off booth for men, the reasoning being that 39% of males have masturbated in the workplace and that having a convenient street spot to drop a load is a worthy antidote to modern-day stress.  Continue Reading

tumblr_mkejpoT2lS1s9h5dko1_1280Every so often I convince one of my clients to pay a bill before the crack of say…2 PM. And what I often get when I arrive is a voyeuristic look at the girls sans make-up, eye glitter, eyelashes etc. Trust me…they don’t look quite as fetching au natural as they do in their war paint.

So last week, I had one of those experiences at a swanky Korean joint – except – one of the girls walked right into the main off-limits-to customers area (where I was convening with the manager) bleary-eyed and buck naked. I saw the girl coming down the hall and because she’s Korean, just knew that as soon as she realized Billy-ah was there, she would jump back all embarrassed and mortified about her nudity! And of course, that’s exactly what happened. Continue Reading