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knicksAny New Yorker interested in seeing the local sports franchises live knows how expensive it gets to score premium and up-close seats to any of the games. It’s downright ridiculous. Wanna see the Knicks from courtside? Try $4000 bucks! Ouch!

So anyway…as I was checking out prices for the nosebleeds in Madison Square Garden (like 80 bucks for the worst seats in the house), I thought back to one occasion when I got to profit from the absurd prices New York sporting events command. And here’s how the story goes:

About 10 years ago, I got a call from a girl I know who said she’d just exchanged an hour session for two tickets to the US Open tennis semi-finals in Flushing. And these weren’t just any tickets. They were courtside corporate joints some employee was stupid enough to tender for what I knew to be the most perfunctory of escort performances. Continue Reading

2F98023600000578-3372844-image-m-62_1450931278819Gotta shake my head at the news coming from the media that second string New York Knick, DERRICK WILLIAMS, went clubbing at a joint called UP AND DOWN…and got robbed for in the neighborhood of $750,000 worth of jewelry after he took a couple of ho’s from the joint back to his crib. And all’s I can say is “Was this dude born yesterday?”

As a guy who’s been around the block a few times (both literally and figuratively) in the East Village night life scene, I know to hide my valuables before setting out for a night on the town because let’s face it…ladies of the night – whether professional or amateur – have a bad habit of stealing from their one nighters. In fact, after losing a bag of weed to a girl I actually knew, what I used to do is leave dead Walkmen and cameras out for the ho’s to grab if that’s the way they rolled. So how come Derrick didn’t know this? Continue Reading