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7327306A long time ago, I had an Action outcall client who sent me an escort to review for the magazine. The dispatched girl decided to go out on her own a month or so later, and called me to run her first ad in my boss’s publication. From there we became longtime friends.

The woman was as hot a mess as ever there was. Maria (fake name) was the poster girl for dysfunction – and how heredity and environment can sound the death knell for a person’s adult life. She had it all: Bad genes (criminal and slow mind) and an early upbringing which included muling for her drug-dealing uncle at age 6, and getting sexually abused by a neighbor at more or less the same age. Additionally, Maria watched a mugger blow her drug-dealing boyfriend’s brains out when she was in her 20’s. His grey matter (what there was of it) splattered all over Maria’s new dress! She used to tell me all this shit with the preface “Billy! I gotta ask you something ’cause you’re the only person I know with any sense.” Continue Reading