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kbjI’m not kidding about this. South Korea is easily as wild and free as the good old US of A. Maybe even more so. You think we’re modern Internet junkies? South Korea has the most high speed Internet connections per capita of any country in the world! And they also have strange game shows. Back before streaming, the Korean girls used to rent Korean game show tapes many of which featured bizarre contests complete with vats of jello falling on the participants’ heads.

Well…I thought I’d seen most of what Korea had to offer in the genre until a reader sent me a link to the following video. Girls competing for who gives the best oral? Crazy! Gotta love the one girl who pretends to brush her teeth with the phallically-shaped object. And really…none looks like she’d make the grade in a you-know-what. Still…the video is worth posting just for the fun of it. The girls are too cute. Check it out! Continue Reading

dollWe’ve all heard the line in those old 40’s movies: “She’s a real doll!” And we know when we hear it that the woman referenced rivals Marilyn Monroe in the eye candy realm. But nowadays, the statement takes on a whole new meaning. When somebody says “She’s a real doll” today, he’s describing exactly that…an incredibly lifelike silicone model of a gorgeous woman the exact size and shape of your personal iconic ideal, molded to your specifications with silicone…and ready to mount whenever the mood strikes.

How often have we fantasized about having a girlfriend with a face like Jessica Alba…and a body like J-lo? She doesn’t talk back…ask for anything…and wants to have sex whenever you ask. Fat chance of that! Continue Reading

s_53ffccf9fe9a2b7edb101e2fIt happened again a few nights ago. It’s been a while…but I received an offer I can refuse. After visiting who I would most accurately term an FWB (friend with benefits), I passed out after the fun for a couple of hours while she did whatever she does in the comfort of her apartment (mostly chain smoke). At some time before dawn, I was awakened by “Bill, you have to get up!”

Now I’m a pretty light sleeper and you don’t have to shake and yell at me to get a rise out of old Bildo. So I was alert within seconds and pulling my shit together. I mean…I’d have rather slept a little longer. But I was prepared to hop on the iron steed and repair to my own crib with nary a whimper when she hit me with the offer: “You can crash in the bed” (in the other room) “but I have to work.” Continue Reading

Seattle-Skyline copyOnce again trafficking of Korean girls is in the news. This time the setting is Seattle. And the particulars are familiar…so familiar that I’m not going to repeat myself having already expounded ad nauseum on several occasions in similar circumstances. But I will say this for everybody who reads this blog: Pay attention to who got arrested!

While twelve places were shut down…only 13 people were carted off. And most of those were members of something called “The League.” The League was a bunch of professionals who’d get together over a meal to talk smack about the girls. Ya know – CEO types who essentially, paid to see girls…posted ads…wrote reviews and skewed the marketplace for their own advantage. Ring a bell? Continue Reading

sheen-261x300TWO AND A HALF MEN, once tv’s most popular sitcom, was at its core a celebration of the fast life as seen through the womanizing Charlie Harper character whose promiscuity not-so-coincidentally mirrored the life of Charlie Sheen, the actor who played him. While most of America saw both Charlie’s in a comedic light, nobody’s laughing at Sheen’s alleged HIV positive status, which  substantiated rumor has it he’ll be revealing on the Today Show this very day! Continue Reading