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The other day I was reading an old news report which referred to the owner of an escort agency as a pimp. Now according to Webster, the shoe fits. A pimp is a man who is an agent for a prostitute or prostitutes and lives off their earnings. And if this owner’s subcontractors actually did have sex in exchange for money, the definition applies. But that’s an ivory tower point of view which doesn’t really play in the real world. Allow me to explain.

A pimp is a man or woman (why Webster cites only one gender speaks a lot in and of itself) who houses, feeds, controls and sometimes physically beats his or her girls. He or she takes care of all their needs in exchange for hijacking all the money they earn. That’s a pimp! Often, the pimp will wear outrageously flashy clothing and ride around in a $100,000 car to project his or her image…though not always. A pimp can look raggedy and ride around on a bike. Just so he or she takes all the girls’ earnings…that’s a pimp. Continue Reading